7 Clues To Winning You

First Lines: The problem with some of the steamiest romances in Shakespeare is that everyone ends up dead.  I never saw the point of going through all that anguish and passion and sneaking around just to end up with a pile of corpses.  It didn’t seem right.

Released: April 26, 2012

Kristin Walker is a fairly new author, but her debut, A Match Made in High School, completely won me over.  I was pretty sure that 7 Clues was going to be along a similar vein in terms of writing style and sass and romance.  And I was really looking forward to a quick, short break from all my paranormal books.

Blythe is quite happy with her well-to-do life at Meriton High School as one of the most popular girls, but her happiness doesn’t seem to matter when her dad tells the family they’re moving to rival school Ash Grove.  Blythe is sure school will be awful for many reasons, the biggest of which being that her dad is the principal there and a humiliating picture of her went viral there last year.  If that wasn’t bad enough, she happens to instantly make enemies with Luke Pavel, the adorably geeky senior who runs the online student newspaper that ran the picture of Blythe and the Senior Scramble scavenger hunt.  In order for Blythe to make up to Luke for getting her dad to shut down both things Luke happened to be in charge of, Blythe goes underground with the Scramble.  The more time she spends with Luke, the more she may be risking more than her name…

I thought this book was just adorable.  It was funny, witty, sassy, and fun.  Ok, and it was utterly cute and romantic and real.  I know now that I can definitely count on Kristin Walker for something light and fun and cute.

I will say that in the beginning, I did not like Blythe.  Her family comes from money, so she was constantly talking about this thing called the ‘lady look’ where basically you plaster on a smile and pretend nothing’s wrong.  And her attitude was just so snotty (hehe, pun there, once you read the book).  I just had nothing about her that I liked until I started seeing her in her new school and saw how vulnerable she was.

The other characters, like Luke, I liked pretty quickly.  Even though Luke is pretty mean at the beginning too.  I just had more reason to look past it, I guess.  The interactions between Luke and Blythe are pretty epic.  So much witty banter.  I giggled…a lot.

My favorite characters were probably Ms. Franny and Ms. Eulalie, though, because they were just absolutely hysterical.  Every time they popped back up in the story, I knew I was going to witness something funny.  These parts of the story were literal LOL moments.

The story is cute, so don’t settle in thinking you’re going to get something profound out of it like you would say, Atlas Shrugged.  That’s not its purpose.  It’s just a cute, romantic story meant to drive away whatever problems you have and take you some place where it’s sweet when a guy quotes Shakespeare to you and scavenger hunts contain the threat of expulsion. Some may call it ‘fluff’, but I call it ‘fun’.  I’m keeping my eyes out for more books from her.


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