How I Pick My Next Book To Read

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something that wasn’t a review, so I figured now was the time.  This one actually found me because I’ve been really struggling this time to figure out what to read next.  So I thought I would outline my predicament and see how many of you can relate.

I normally have way more than one book lined up to read next, but the last few weeks have been utterly crazy on that front.  Instead of the few I owned plus my library books, I ended up with about 5 copies to review for authors.  That puts me at about…14 books to read.  I mean, holy fudge-nuggets, right?  Normally it’s a manageable 6 or so.  I actually had to make a list on my iPod to keep track of every book I had to read and marked for importance/time sensitivity.  I wanted to show you exactly what I’m looking at and how I choose.

Step One: All the Options

Obviously, this can translate into a hard decision.  Especially when you begin to factor in other things, such as due dates and author requests.  The first two are library books while Moonlight Mayhem and Hunter are requests that I need to be getting to.  The other four I own, so they can wait if need be.

Step Two: What Did I Just Read?

Just yesterday, I finished a paranormal story about psychics and all kinds of other supernatural goodies.  Therefore, I’d like to read something different to sort of cleanse the palate, if you will.  Normally, this is where I would throw in a Jennifer Echols or Sarah Dessen story.  Something normal.  But I don’t have any of those currently, so we have to adjust.  The stories break down like this:

Vampires: Hunter, Balthazar, and Blood Moon are obvious vampire books.  Therefore, I’m going to rule them out due to the closeness of them to the last one I read.

Angels/Demons: Hallowed, Moonlight Mayhem, and Sweet Evil all deal with angels and/or demons roaming the planet.  Since this is different from what I just read, they will remain in the running.

Dystopia: Insurgent is the only for this category.  This is nearly a normal story, since no one has super powers.  This definitely stays in the running.

Unknown: I have absolutely no idea what (if any) paranormal will come out of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer.  At this point, I will rule this out because I can use this in between vampire books or something.

Now, we’ve narrowed it down to four books.  Halfway there!

Step Three: Taking a Closer Look

This is the most important step.  A closer look at Sweet Evil, for example, reveals that the male protagonist is named Kaidan, which is nearly identical to the main male character in my last book (Aidan).  After 3 of the last 5 books I read dealt with a boy named Lucas/Luke, I’m beginning to totally see where name fatigue can be a real thing.  I want to separate these books, so Sweet Evil is out.

Moonlight Mayhem is like an evil Easter basket: all kinds of dark goodies.  I know it’s going to be a bit of a catch-all when it comes to paranormal creatures.  Since this is also quite similar to the last book I read, I will rule this out for the time being.

That leave us with two book: Insurgent and Hallowed.  Neither has characters similar to what I just read nor does the plot overlap.  However, given that Insurgent is so different from all the others, I will rule this out as well so I have something to read between vampires and angels/demons.  This means that Hallowed will be my next read.

After Hallowed, the process begins again, but falls in favor of vampires, flipping back and forth until I finish enough to go the library or get new books to review that are different from these.

But what if I throw in a curveball?  A trip to Barnes & Noble gave me a signed copy of Aimee Carter’s The Goddess Test.  I’ve already read it before, but I loved it and it’s signed!  Like, the only one in the store that was, just sitting on a shelf all by its lonesome with a bright orange slip around it.

I thought that was pretty neat.  I mean, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen that!  And it was on the top shelf, which starts about six feet up.  At 5’6″, I probably looked like an idiot reaching up (blindly) to get so much as a finger on this to pull it down.  And I totally did.  So I got a book I really liked on a subject that I find amazing that was SIGNED, all for less than $10!  Bargain!

For some reason, my camera didn’t want to flip the picture of the autograph, so…just tilt your head.  Yeah, it’ll make you look silly, but you’ll see it better, right?

So that’s my process!  Anyone else do crazy things when they try to decide what to read?  Eenie-meeny-miny-moe?  Random shuffle?  Let me know!


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