First Lines: The dead were watching.  Skye Tierney gripped her horse’s reins in her gloved hands as she shut her eyes tightly, willing the sensation to go away.

I was pretty big into the Evernight series.  It wasn’t my favorite vampire series, but it was in my top 5, certainly.  And when I heard there was going to be a book focused on Balthazar, I knew I had to investigate this.

Set shortly after the final Evernight book, Skye is trying to adjust to life back home now that she knows vampires are real.  As a student at Evernight, she just thought some of the students were odd.  Now she suffers from psychic visions of terrible, painful deaths because she let a wraith possess her.  And this makes her incredibly precious to vampires who wish to sample her unique blood.  Balthazar, Skye’s crush at Evernight, is the only thing that stands between her and certain death.  Balthazar will do anything to protect Skye, especially once he knows his greatest enemy is the one after her.  But while Balthazar is guarding Skye, can he manage to also guard his heart?

It was a romance novel, plain and simple.  I kind of expected it, really, and I wanted Balthazar to have some happiness.  He always seemed to get the short end of the stick where Bianca was involved.  I always liked him, just not for her.  So there was that going into it.

I really liked Skye.  I didn’t remember her from the series, but I’ve done research to prove she was there.  Ah well.  She’s was a very fiery, very sassy girl.  Her comments would occasionally make me smile and giggle.  Her narrative was always entertaining.

Strangely enough, I just couldn’t get into Balthazar’s narrative.  Time wasn’t exactly linear with Balthazar.  There were enough flashbacks in this book to even make The Doctor’s head spin.  I realize that he has over 400 years of history, but did that really need to take up like, 100 pages out of 374?  I wanted to skim his sections just to get back to the present with Skye.

It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as good as the Evernight novels, either.  Or at least, most of the Evernight novels.


One thought on “Balthazar

  1. I like your Doctor Who reference! I was actually thinking of reading this when it came out because I was excited to read something about Balthazar…but what you said now I’m like meh. I might still check out and hopefully I’ll like it! 😀

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