Sweet Evil (The Sweet Trilogy, #1)

First Lines: I tugged the jean skirt down and tried not to fidget with the straps of the tank top as we stood in line for the show.  My shoulders and arms felt naked.  The outfit had been picked out for me by Jay’s older sister as an early sixteenth-birthday present.

I bought this a couple of months-ish ago based on the good reviews I had seen.  And really, I just found the premise fascinating…well, fascinating enough to spend a coupon on at least.  What?  College girl.  Cheap = fantastic.

Anna, a sweet Southern girl, is probably the nicest person you’ll ever meet.  She has the ability to read and feel emotions of those around her.  Secretly, though, Anna feels a pull toward danger and sin, thanks to her heritage as the daughter of a fallen angel  She would never act on it, but still.  Then she meets bad boy Kaidan Rowe, who puts her willpower to the test.  Kaidan, also the offspring of a fallen angel, is that ultimate threat to her good-girl image, yet he makes her feel…something amazing.  Will Anna embrace her halo or the horns?

I liked this.  Anna really is that sweet girl you want to befriend.  Occasionally, she does pass into that area where it feels like she’s better than you because she does all this nice stuff, but that’s pretty rare.  She really is just a sweet girl who has lived a pretty sheltered life compared to Kaidan and his friends.

There’s something interesting about Kaidan (pronounced like Ky-dan and not Kay-dan like it looks.  Threw me off too).  As the ultimate bad boy, there’s that appeal that most girls have.  That, “Oh, I can change him if I show him some love” mentality.  He plays up this image of himself, but it feels a little false.  I’m interested to get a closer look at him in future books.

As with every book I read about angels and demons, I’m always concerned about whether or not it will go preachy.  This one did cross that line a few times.  I just feel that a book limits its audience when it pulls in a specific religion.  Plus, I’m really more of a fan of universal themes of kindness, caring, and generosity instead of “God is great.”  That’s my personal feeling, and I realize that.  For some people, maybe this occasional touch into religious themes is exactly what they want.  If so, this is probably perfect for you.

I liked the tension between characters, especially Anna and Kaidan.  And I liked that this took place over a number of months instead of condensing the story into less than a month like a lot of books do.  But it wasn’t a fantastic story.  There were things I didn’t quite like much, most of which I have already mentioned.  Still, it will draw you in.


One thought on “Sweet Evil (The Sweet Trilogy, #1)

  1. I just finished this book too and I loved it! I hate when books get preachy on me too. I actually didn’t feel like this one crossed the line for me though! I was really surprised. I haven’t read too many angels/demons books because of that issue, but I was actually really pleased with how it read for me. Great review!

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