Blood Moon (The Drake Chronicles, #5)

First Lines: “You tried to eat your boyfriend’s face?”

I got this for my birthday a little over a month ago and just now got around to reading it.  (I say stuff like that a lot, don’t I?)  Anyway, this is one of my favorite series and I have every book in my possession.  I know, I know, most people are completely worn out with vampire books.  But dang, if they aren’t like crack for me.

*Potential Series Spoilers Ahead*

The Blood Moon has arrived, and with it comes hundreds of vampires from all over the world.  For Lucy, the Blood Moon means she’ll have to go days without seeing Nicholas or Solange.  But Solange isn’t quite the same person anymore that Lucy knew.  What’s wrong with Solange?  Can Lucy help at all?  And what will happen when Nicholas has to choose between his girlfriend and his sister?

I was really surprised that this book didn’t turn its focus on to another brother’s romantic…interlude?  I mean, every other book has focused on someone’s love story.  And this one didn’t really.  The closest would be Lucy and Nicholas, but they’ve been together since book one.  But then I got thinking and realized that book one was really more about Solange, so I counted this as their book.  Hopefully after this, we’ll be back on track with love stories.

And actually, it was kind of a smart move to bring the love stories to a halt like this.  The series was almost running away from the central plot.  With the focus on different narrators every book, you were pulled into a different set of crises every time.  This allowed the focus to return to Solange, Lucy, and Nicholas, who always seem to be the central players anyway.  I especially like Lucy, who is like sarcasm in a pair of kicking-butt boots.


Well, I just had a hard time with this one.  It was insanely tense the whole time.  Every chapter felt like it was ending with some problem of apocalyptic proportions.  I’d have to put the book down and find something else to do for a while until I was ready for more drama.  And I’m not a fan of crazy amounts of drama anyway.  I go out of my way to avoid it.  Like “reality” TV.  Awful stuff.

Anyway, there was almost too much tension in the story.  And I ended up with just as many questions as I did when I started and didn’t even get answers to the questions I had going in.  I know nothing new.  I’m really lost on what actually happened at the end.  It felt like chapters were removed to keep the suspense going, but it just made my confusion worse.  It’s really frustrating.

I liked that we returned to some old characters that I really like, but we’d better be getting some answers soon or my ratings are going to really start dropping.  This is kind of ridiculous.


2 thoughts on “Blood Moon (The Drake Chronicles, #5)

  1. I’m not sick of vampers either 🙂 However, I do love Reality TV but mainly because it makes me feel better about myself. No matter how bad a day I’m having there is no way I’ve sunk as low as a Kardashian.

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