A Beautiful Evil (Gods & Monsters, #2)

First Lines: “Everyone knows what you are now.  Question is, Selkirk, will you live up to their expectations or be the complete failure I think you really are?”

Released: February 21, 2012

Man, what is with this first lines lately?  The last two have been quotes that nearly give away something major about the story, if you haven’t been up-to-date on the series.  This close.  Good thing the incriminating stuff isn’t quite there.

*Potential Series Spoilers Ahead*

All Ari really wanted when she came to New 2 (or, as we know it, New Orleans after some truly horrific hurricanes went through) were some answers about her family.  But she got more than she bargained for when she discovered who, or rather what, she’s descended from.  Ari can feel the power, the evil, growing inside her.  To protect those she loves, she has to keep it in check.  But Athena won’t make that easy for Ari.  Athena is determined to break Ari, and she’ll enjoy every moment of it.  Perhaps the only way to stop Athena from hurting those she loves, especially Sebastian, is for Ari to release the evil inside her and let it take over…

Ok, so there is definitely something about this story that I find really addicting. It could be its new and marvel take on a Greek myth that is so rarely covered in books (Medusa, if the cover wasn’t a real giveaway). It could be Ari’s biting yet witty and timely humor that always shows itself at just the perfect moment and is never excessive. It could be the evil villain that you want to see topple and burn like the city of Troy (kind of an awesome reference, right? Fitting). Whatever it is, I find myself swept away by it every time.

This, I thought, wasn’t quite as good as the last one. Maybe that’s because I kind of forgot some of the finer points of the last one, like who Violet was. Er…yeah. That’s probably part of my problem. I write down notes after every book I read in a series, but some things get overlooked.  It happens.

Really, though, there were some amazing additions to the story. I really liked the evolution of Sebastian’s character, and Ari’s for that matter. Nothing makes me happy faster than good character development.

Wow, that didn’t sound incredibly nerdy or anything.

There’s a good, fast plot line that moves the story along at a pace that gives you enough details to see what’s going on but also not bogging it down.  And the writing is just fantastic.  I’ve reread sections of it like, 3 times already.  And I just finished it this morning.

It’s good. Real good. And I’m definitely coming back for more when the next book comes out. Seriously, plan out a block of time to devote to reading this. You’ll need it.  It’s addicting.

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