He Won Every Woman’s Heart.  She Won His.

After all this Olympics business, I’ve been dying to get back to some movies and normal TV shows.  Finally, last night there was nothing I wanted to see on.  (Really, all I’m watching anymore is Women’s Indoor Volleyball.)  And this movie was just waiting for me to watch.

It’s 18th century Venice where we meet our hero.  Jacoma Casanova (Heath Ledger) has earned the reputation of a skilled lover to women and a fornicator by the Catholic Church.  After Casanova crosses one too many lines, he’s given an ultimatum by the local prince: find a bride to improve his reputation by the end of the week or be exiled from Venice.  As he sets out to find the one, he finds Francesca (Sienna Miller), an outspoken woman who believes heavily in women’s rights.  Casanova sets out to win her heart, but it turns out to be more difficult than he initially thought…especially once he learns that Francesca has a fiance.  But will Casanova let that stop him, or will he finally find the love he’s been searching for?

Heath Ledger was pretty much the only reason I picked this out.  I really didn’t come to watch any of his movies until after he died.  Unfortunately for me, I suppose.  I’m actually turning into a big fan.  He’s got this great aloof attitude in this movie, but he knows how to turn it into something else when he needs to.

And yes, as an English nerd, I was really interested in the story because of the name “Casanova”.  I just did some Wikipedia research (not 100% reliable, I know, but good enough for my purposes).  There was a man named Casanova at the time this movie was set who had a reputation like this.  And boom! We have the etymology for the term that has wound its way into our culture through movies and songs (“Cowboy Casanova” by Carrie Underwood, anyone?).

Right.  Movie review.  I liked it alright.  The plot is heavily convoluted due to Casanova’s propensity to lie about his identity.  He can’t tell Francesca that he’s Casanova because she despises him.  So he lies.  The lies just get bigger and bigger.  Then there’s the fact that the story focuses on the love subplots revolving around just about every other major character in the movie.  I swear, like 4 couples get together by the end of the movie.  It kind of takes away from the real plot.

Parts of the movie are quite funny.  As a fan of biting wit, I quite enjoyed some of Francesca’s comebacks to Casanova’s lines.  And I liked that Casanova could take it with a smile and resilience.

It was cute.  I think the main love story could have been improved on, but I still enjoyed it.


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