First Lines: We went to the moon to have fun, but the moon turned out to completely suck.

Believe it or not, this was actually my homework, reading this book.  If not my class, this wouldn’t have ever made its way into my hands.  It’s totally not something I would normally pick.

Set in future, Titus and his friends are just normal teenagers.  They can fly to the moon Spring Break, or get the latest breaking news from the feed that is imbedded in their heads.  On the moon, Titus sees a beautiful girl that he wants to get to know better.  This is the story of Titus and Violet, and their life in a time when technology is literally a part of us.

I like the concept of this.  I mean, that’s what futuristic/dystopia stories are all about.  They take something happening in our current society and take it to an extreme.  I liked that this took technology to the extreme, to see how far it could possibly go.  It definitely made for a…well, I was going to say “wake up call”, but more like “slap in the face.”

What I didn’t like was most everything else.  Not that I hated everything, but I just didn’t like so many aspects of it.  Titus and the others (except for Violet) were spoiled brats (which I’m sure is intentional and possibly a side-effect of everyone having a feed).  I didn’t feel like the story had much of a plot.  And the language was really offensive.

Breakdown: The Plot

So like, I just didn’t feel like there was a plot.  See my pathetic attempt at a synopsis up above?  Yeah. I have no idea what to say about it.  It’s mostly about Titus and Violet’s relationship, but even that’s not the main part of the story.  It’s just like, Titus’s story.  And it really wasn’t that exciting.

And the language.  Nearly everyone in my class agreed that the language was really off-putting.  There are unnecessary f-bombs dropped all the time that just got irritating.  Also, the use of slang.  I realize that by writing this review as a talk, I fall victim to using too many “like”s.  Just look in the above paragraph.  And I know this.  But the story immediately jumps in with slang words like “meg” and “youch” that you have to figure out by context what they mean.  Sometimes it takes chapters to figure this out.  That was annoying as well.

But it’s not like it’s a terrible story.  Some kids in my class genuinely liked it.  I didn’t.  It had good qualities, but it’s not my thing.


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