Tempest (Tempest, #1)

First Lines: Okay, so it’s true.  I can time-travel.  But it’s not as exciting as it sounds.  I can’t go back in time and kill Hitler.  I can’t go to the future and see who wins the World Series in 2038.  So far, the most I’ve ever jumped is about six hours into the past.  Some superhero, right?

That cover is just so cool, right?  I love the falling and the cloud thing.  Just awesome.  I’m gonna just jump right into this.

It’s 2009 and Jackson Meyer is pretty much your average college sophomore.  He’s cool, friendly, and has a girlfriend that he loves to spend time with.  He’s average…until he discovers his ability to time travel.  But it’s not like in the movies.  Jackson can go back in time, but he can’t change anything.  One day, strangers burst into his girlfriend Holly’s room when they were together and shoot Holly.  Jackson accidentally jumps back in time, only to get stuck in 2007.  Desperate to find his way back to 2009 to save Holly, Jackson has little choice but to hang out in 2007 and find out what he can about his ability.  But it doesn’t take long for the people who shot Holly to come looking for him.  And they have only one mission: recruit Jackson to their side…or kill him.

I’m not gonna lie: the main reason I put this on my to-read list months ago was because the girlfriend’s name is the same as mine.  It’s not very often you see books with a girl named Holly (or at least, not as often as you see like, Katie or Violet).  So I went for that.  I’m not the biggest time travel fan, but I can definitely get into it.

I found this read to be thrilling and mysterious, but a little slow at times.

It takes a while in the beginning for it to take off.  About the time you start understanding how Jackson’s ability works and who his friends are and such, he’s stuck in 2007 relearning everything.  It’s difficult to keep up at that point, since you’re essentially relearning everything too.  It wasn’t until the mystery picked up that I finally started getting into it.

I thought Jackson was a super sweet guy while still being a guy.  I mean, he wasn’t like a Matthew McConaughey in a chick flick.  By that, I mean that guy that guys watch going, “Dude, no guy acts like that.”  I forget where I just heard that lately…  Anyway, Jackson is a guy I think male readers could really buy into.

I really liked Holly (of course.  She does have my name.  But why are all fictional Hollys BLONDE?). I thought she was a very dynamic character and that she was incredibly well-written for the twist that the author throws her.  I wish that made more sense, but it may be a slight spoiler if I try to rewrite it.

There’s quite a bit of action in this and I know I’m starting to say this a lot, but I think that male readers could really potentially like this book.  (As a future teacher, I’ve really started trying to find these books, which is why it constantly gets mentioned).


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