A Shade of Vampire

First Lines: I never once imagined that my life  would play out the way that it did.  To be fair, I guess I could say that life never unfolds the way we expect it to.

I was approached by the author to read and review this. (Have you picked up the trend yet?  Authors’ week!)  I mean, y’all know by now that I love vampires, right?  Right.  So even though I’m slightly worn out with all the vampire stuff, I couldn’t turn this down.

Sofia’s 17th birthday certainly didn’t turn out the way she expected, not when she was kidnapped on her birthday.  It’s as if she’s in a never-ending nightmare now.  She’s taken to an uncharted, unmapped island that sits in eternal darkness.  It’s ruled by the most powerful vampires on the planet.  The nightmare becomes worse when Sofia becomes part of a harem meant for the prince, Derek Novak.  Despite the fact that he always wants to drink her blood and could kill her in an instant, Sofia finds out that the safest place for her is close to Derek.  If she wants to survive, she’ll have to try to win him over…

I loved it.  Thank God it was a short book or my homework would never have gotten done.  It took a while at the beginning for me to settle into the story telling (it jumps perspectives between Derek and Sofia, which I did come to really like).  But also, I just had to get a good handle on the characters.  They’re…different.  I don’t know how to explain them.  They were just cool.

And ok, I really like when vampires are bad.  Not sparkling and lovable.  I appreciate the evil vampires that seriously can and will drink every human dry.  It’s more fun that way…for a reader, at least.  I can’t say the same for the humans in the story.

I really liked the action in the story too because I felt it all had a purpose and it all flowed together well.  I enjoyed that.  There were maybe one or two places when I was like, “Gee, that was a little convenient”, but mostly I was totally in it.

Overall, it’s a good fast vampire read.  I’m really ready for more of the story.


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