Liebster Award!

Yay!  You guys!  This is like, the 4th time in a week that I’ve been nominated for this!  (And by nominated, I think I won it.  But I could be wrong.  Either way, we’re gonna have some fun.)  Thank you to Danielle at What Danielle Did Next for the first nomination and to C over at littlebrokentypewriter for the second nomination!  Then there’s Suad at For The Love of Books and two over at Discombobulated Books for the last one.  This award is for bloggers who have less than 200 followers and are pretty awesome people.  I have to answer questions from the ones who nominated me and pick 11 bloggers of my own who fit the criteria for the next round.  Then they get to answer 11 questions I ask!  Fun, right?  (And I don’t mean to be a stick in the mud, but I just do not have the time to nominate people for this.  I’m not someone who really spends much time reading other blogs, as I barely have time to read ANYTHING, so I don’t have time to look people up.)

HOWEVER, I will be answering everyone’s questions, so this is kind of like your “Everything You Could Possibly Want To Know About Me” post.  So enjoy!

I’ll start with Danielle’s questions:

1. If you had to live anywhere in the world and never leave where would it be?

Oh man…um…can I answer a library or is that super nerdy?  And not just like, a little small-town library (even though that’s kind of what I go to all the time, so no offense to small-town libraries), but like something massive, like the Library of Congress or something.  How I would get food would be a separate issue.

2. Three things you can’t live without?

Just three?  Music, books, family.  That’d make me happy.

3. Favourite Book Hero/Heroine?

It’s like trying to pick your favorite child!  But I guess I’d go with Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy.  She kicks butt.  And I’d love to be her best friend.

4. What did you want to be when you grew up at age five?

A school bus driver.  No joke, sadly.

5. What music do you like?

My tastes pretty much run toward country music and Broadway show tunes.  Kind of a weird combo, but if you know me, it makes sense.

6. What would be written on your tombstone?

Um…I haven’t put much thought into this…probably something poetic.  Maybe even something slightly dark, like something from a Poe poem.

7. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Besides opening my eyes?  Opening my blinds.  I love seeing the sunlight in the morning.  It makes the day so much better.

8. What’s your favourite part about blogging?

I really like being able to share my thoughts on books and see what others think of them.  While reading can be fun on your own, it’s always so much better when there’s someone else you can talk about it with.

9. Are you a PC or a Mac?

Mac.  It’s what my laptop is, so it’s what I’m most comfortable with now.  Two years ago, I probably would have said PC all the way.

10. If your BFF was down in the dumps, what would you do to cheer him/her up?

I would try to be funny.  That’s pretty much my default when I know someone’s upset and trying to get over it.  If it’s something serious, I’ll ask if they just need someone to talk to, that kind of thing.  But I mostly try to be funny.

11. Do you believe we’re alone in the universe?

Probably not.  It seems too egotistical to believe we’re the only intelligent life out there.  But I also don’t think the other intelligent life looks like E.T. or whatever other humanoid aliens we’ve come up with.  Marvin Martian or whatever.  I wouldn’t be surprised if real extraterrestrials look like something a 3 year old draws.


Now to C’s questions:

1) If you could be anyone -dead, fictional, famous, or whatever- for the day, who would you choose?

Um…Ginny Weasley?  Because like, that would be awesome.  All those brothers, and dating Harry Potter?  Sign me up!

2) Who is your favorite fictional character EVER?

Gonna go with another HP reference and give this one to Hermione.  We would totally be BFFs.

3) Where in the world (or out of this world, I guess) would you go on an all-expenses-paid trip?

London!  I would so love to go to London, or just all around England.  There’s so much history there and I just want to go to all the museums and historical tourist traps.  I love it all.

4) What’s your favorite movie(s)?

This may seem just a little obvious, but I’m gonna go with Beauty and the Beast.

5) What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

…I’ve gone on some pretty scary roller coasters, in my opinion…um…I’ve been in the Stanley Hotel, the hotel where Stephen King got his ideas to write The Shining.

6) If you were to become the Doctor’s assistant, who would you most hope to meet on an adventure? (If you aren’t familiar with Doctor Who, I’m basically asking who you would want to meet. They can be from the past or the future…)

This is tricky because legends don’t always describe the person they’re supposed to.  However, I would probably go with Benjamin Franklin or George Washington.  History buff here.

7) What is your number one goal in life?

Read!  And read some more!  Just keep reading, just keep reading, just keep reading, reading, reading.  What do we do?  We read, read.

8) What hobbies do you enjoy, apart from blogging?

And besides reading, I suppose?  I make friendship bracelets and I enjoy cross-stitching.  I really love singing and dancing too.

9) Do you have a favorite quote? Explain.

I have too many, that’s the problem!  But if I had to pick one…*checks the 26 Post-Its with quotes she has on the wall in her room*…Let’s go with this one: “Some people never go crazy.  What truly horrible lives they must lead.” – Charles Bukowski.  Either that quote or this one: “I love you.” – My boyfriend.

10) If you could change your name, what would it be?

Toughy.  I kinda like my name.  But as a kid, I always wanted to change my name to Katherine, for whatever reason.

11) What book/movie/television show was last to make you cry your eyes out?

Geez.  Um…man, when was the last time I cried over a show/book?  I totally and completely lost it after seeing a live performance of Spring Awakening at my local theatre a few months ago.  I think it scared my boyfriend half to death because I just could not stop crying.


Then Discombobulated Books:

1) What would you do if you got stuck on a desert island?

Um…Try to get off?  Ok, well, first I’d probably try to make shelter.  I’m big on finding shelter.  And food.

2) Zombies or Vampires or Unicorns?

Vampires!  Totally.  Unicorns suck, but zombies are pretty cool.  Vampires still win, though.

3) Favourite book/ movie?

Since I’ve already answered movie, I’ll answer book this time.  Let’s see…I’ll go with the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead.  (So what if it’s 6 books instead of one?  It’s still my favorite.)

4) If you were a fish what sort of fish would you be and why?

Um…well, I’m really not sure.  I don’t know much about fish.  I guess I’d be a clownfish so I could hang out with Nemo.

5) Food or Sleep?

Holy crow, this is hard.  Probably food.  I really love food.  Especially chocolate.

6) If you could be one person in this world, who would you be?

I have no idea, other than myself.  I kind of like who I am.  To quote Keith Urban, who wouldn’t wanna be me?

7) Three words to describe youself?

Introverted, laid-back, and goofy.

8) If you had to choose one food to live off for the rest of your life what would it be?

Chocolate would probably not be reasonable, but I would love it.  Chocolate chip cookies could sustain me, right?

9) What’s the coolest place you’ve been to (can be in a book)?

I’m a fan of Hogwarts.  That has got to be the coolest place on the planet.

10) Which planet would you choose to live on (excluding the fact that we would probably die on all the other planets)

If I could live on any other planet….I guess I’d probably go with Mars.  It just sounds cool.

11) If you had to life in one book and be one character what would you choose?

What’s the tamest book I can think of?  (I would probably be beyond worthless if I had to fight Voldemort or vampires, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to read about girls who can.)  I guess I’d be Remy from This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen.  Dimitri is one of those guys I fell for before I found a guy.  And I was totally Remy for years, so my life wouldn’t change much.


And the final set of questions, from Suad:

1) Who are your top 3 favorite authors?

Richelle Mead, Alyxandra Harvey, and Rachel Vincent.  And they all write supernatural stuff.  Go figure.

2) Favorite book that was adapted into a movie and did you like the movie version?

The Hunger Games, I think.  I’m totally blanking right now on what’s been turned into a movie.  Oh, or Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  I know tons of people hate the movie because it’s not true to the book, but they’re both awesome.

3) What is your favorite hot beverage?

I don’t have one.  If I’m going to drink something hot, it’s going to be soup.  And that’s not a drink.

4) Favorite genre to read?

Anything YA and supernatural.  I’m all over that like a butterfly on flowers.

5) What is your favorite season of the year?

Winter!  I love Christmas and watching snow fall and being able to cuddle up with a book by a fire.

6) Favorite romantic movie?

Wow, I have tons of these.  I’ll narrow it down to The Prince & Me and 10 Things I Hate About You.  …Both of which star Julia Stiles.  Ok, so favorite non-Julia Stiles movie would be Dirty Dancing or A Walk To Remember.

7) Favorite TV show?

The Big Bang Theory!  It’s so funny!

8) What is your guilty pleasure?

My goodness…do I have one?  Um…I guess…getting hooked on crappy shows on Netflix.  I love sitting there and watching season after season of stuff I would NEVER watch on TV on Netflix.

9) Tea or coffee? What do you prefer?

Neither.  This goes back to the hot beverage question.  But I especially don’t like coffee.  I think it smells bad.

10) What is your favorite quote?

This was a previous question, but I’ll give it another answer.  “The moment the door opened I knew an ass-kicking was inevitable.  Whether I’d be giving it or receiving it was still a bit of a mystery.”  My favorite opening lines like, ever, courtesy of Rachel Vincent.

11) Twilight or Warm Bodies?

I haven’t seen or read Warm Bodies yet, but I feel like that’ll be the one I end up liking more, even though I was completely obsessed with Twilight for a long time.  Kind of over that period of my adolescence.


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