Blood Prophecy (The Drake Chronicles, #6)

First Lines: The Drake farmhouse was like the chimpanzee enclosure at the zoo when feeding time was late.  You know, if all the chimpanzees were undead.  And insane.

I got this as a gift at Christmas (well, I got a piece of paper saying “This has been preordered and you’ll get it in a couple weeks”, but that means pretty much the same thing).  I can now officially boast that I have every book in this series!  Now, keep in mind, this is the LAST book in the series, so I’m going to try to keep everything after the next paragraph clean of spoilers.

*Series Spoilers in Next Paragraph*

Solange has seriously screwed things up.  She’s officially been crowned Queen, fulfilling the prophecy.  But that’s not really Solange ruling.  She’s no longer in control of her own body.  She’s being controlled by Viola, who is more interested in destroying everyone and enslaving humans rather than uniting vampire tribes.  Can Solange break free from Viola’s grasp and save everyone she loves from civil war?  Can the others find a way to help Solange before it’s too late for her?

This book is told, as the others are, in alternating perspectives, usually from Solange and Lucy’s POVs.  However, and I was pretty excited about this, the girls from the previous books all have a chapter as well.

This is the last book in the series, so obviously there is going to be an epic “Hogwarts-is-under-attack!” fight at the end.  (Sorry, Hogwarts really has nothing to do with this, but it’s the best example I have for an epic fight at the end of a series.  Twilight certainly doesn’t fit the bill.)  That was pretty exciting, though I will say that I felt like there were a lot of details glossed over for the sake of keeping the action moving at a good, fast pace.  Or maybe I read over them too quickly…

Character development was great in this.  Solange finally gets to come into her own.  The other characters are pushed to the limit and forced to see who they really are underneath.  I really think afterward that I respect Nicholas the most, but he’s always been a favorite of mine since the beginning.  Mostly because I think Lucy is awesome.

Now, at the end of my book, there was a short story called Sound and Fury.  If this is not in your copy of the book, GET IT.  It’s about Duncan and it’s awesome.

Overall, this was a nice wrap up to the series.  Sure, there are things I wish it had done differently, but it was mostly a very entertaining read.


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