Blood Bound (Unbound, #1)

First Lines: Only tw0-thirty in the morning, and I already had blood on my hands.  The most messed-up part of that?  It was the hour that bothered me.

This has literally been sitting at the top of my to-read list for a year.  I just never got around to it, finding other books to read.  But finally, I started going through Kindle books I had available to me and snagged onto this one (probably a bad idea so close to final week, but I did it anyway).

Liv is a bloodtracker, someone who can find nearly anyone with a single drop of their blood.  In a city run by very powerful syndicates, it can be deadly to have powers as strong as Liv’s are.  So she trusts no one.  But when an old friend’s daughter goes missing, Liv is bound by a powerful oath she made as a kid.  She has to find the child, and she won’t be able to rest until she does.  But this means working with her ex, Cam.  Cam is just as dangerous as Liv is, and with a prophecy working against her and Cam, it’ll take everything Liv has not only to find the child, but to survive.

Ok, so this isn’t YA, for starters.  It’s by Rachel Vincent (who wrote the  Soul Screamers series), but it’s not for young readers.  It’s got heavy language and a few scenes that are…well, let’s just go with “steamy”.  So yeah.  Keep that in mind.

I thought this was a super fascinating read.  I mean, besides being set in an alternate world where gangs of Skilled (the word for people with powers) rule the city, the lore behind it all was fascinating.  There were so many rules to follow, so many little things that these characters had grown up with that I would never consider being something to worry about.  That’s always fun.

And I really liked the characters.  Liv kicked some serious butt.  She was not someone you’d want to mess with if you didn’t have to.  I loved that she was spunky, strong, yet had a soft heart.  Strong exoskeleton, mushy insides.  And other characters like Cam, Anne, and Ruben were all equally fascinating in their own way.  I even had to respect the bad guys because they were so clever.  And there was usually one redeeming quality about them, at least.  That made them seem more real, even if they were total scum otherwise.

The mystery was incredibly intense to say the least.  It encompassed the whole book, growing and expanding as it went.  I saw a lot of the twists and answers before they were explained, but there were just as many that I didn’t see.  It was fun to read because it was so intense.  I didn’t want to put it down if I didn’t have to.

Really good.  Seriously, why did I wait so long to read this?


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