The Lives We Lost (Fallen World, #2)

First Lines: I decided before I came downstairs that I wasn’t going to mention what day it was.  I got choked up every time I even thought about it.

I read the first book in this series last May, nearly a year ago to the day.  Which is interesting because the next book I want to read has the same connection.  Kinda creepy, actually.

*Potential Series Spoilers Ahead*

It’s been months since Kaelyn and the others on the island have had much contact with the outside world.  Now Kaelyn’s childhood best friend has ferried his way over to the island to see them.  He brings word that the virus that has completely decimated their town has spread across the water to the continent.  America and Canada are in chaos.  Kaelyn accidentally finds samples of her dad’s attempt to make a vaccine and knows it’s her responsibility to get it to someone who can replicate it, if it works.  Kaelyn and her friends travel across the water and find out that the world truly is a place they no longer recognize.  People will do anything to get their hands on the vaccine — anything.  Can Kaelyn really risk the lives of everyone she has left to get the vaccine into good hands?

So, this book was really slow to get started.  I mean, I could really only read maybe 20 pages at a time before I got bored and had to do something else for a while.  It’s rare that this happens.  But there was just so much set up and I had to reacquaint myself with the characters, remember who they were.  It was hard at times to even stay interested.

But finally near the halfway point of the book, I found it getting interesting.  I actually read the 2nd half in one sitting.  The characters finally got interesting and the action picked up.  I was really wanting to see what would happen next to them on their epic adventure (or misadventure, as it may be).  They’re in Canada in January.  Imagine for a moment what the weather must be like there.  Yeah.

I thought that Kaelyn really had some hard choices to make, but that she was essentially just a normal girl put in extraordinary circumstances.  It’s kind of cool to have a hero like that, who seems like they are someone you could actually meet on the street and be friends with.  I mean, as much as I love Katniss, she isn’t exactly one of these girls.

And that also makes the story marginally more creepy than I want it to be.  Because you can honestly see everything happening as something that could happen tomorrow in our current world.  The pictures are vividly painted of a world just like our own, with a deadly epidemic.  It’s kind of scary to think that this could so easily be us if a virus like this were to break out.

Overall, I think it’s still a pretty good read even though I struggled in the beginning.  It definitely makes you think about what you would do in Kaelyn’s shoes.


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