Dead Silence (The Body Finder, #4)

First Lines: Violet Ambrose covered her head with her pillow and punched it, trying to drive her fist through her ears — through her own skull if necessary — in hopes of silencing the constant music-box sound that followed her.

I’m a fan of this series, and I have been ever since I found the first Body Finder book.  (For those of you who haven’t read this series, but like murder mysteries with a slight paranormal twist, I recommend you look into this.)  For now, I’m going to dive into a slightly spoiler-y synopsis of the book.  (But not spoilers from this book, from the series.  As usual, coming from me.  I really need a better way to word this.)

*Potential Series Spoilers Ahead*

Violet has been coping with her ability to sense the dead for a while now.  But coping doesn’t do much good anymore when she ends up with an imprint of her own.  Now, she carries one of her own for the rest of her life.  She determined to live a normal life, more so now after everything she’s been through.  However, the team she works for have no intention of letting her go.  If she can’t go, then she’ll do whatever she can to keep her loved ones safe, even if that means hurting them.  When an echo calls to Violet, she finds a murder unlike anything she’s ever seen before.  It’s sick, twisted, and chaotic.  Violet’s pulled into the new investigation.  But she quickly learns that keeping others safe is a lot harder than keeping herself safe…

As I said, I’ve been a big fan of this series for a while.  I love the murder mystery and Violet’s “gift” of being able to sense echos of the murdered person.  It’s fascinating, but I don’t envy her in the least.  She can keep her unique power.  And I think the characters, particularly Violet and Jay, are just awesome.

This story ended up being a little different than I expected.  Of course, the murder is gory.  We know that from the get-go.  But it wasn’t exactly a murder mystery, if you know what I mean.  It wasn’t an Agatha Christie novel, where we know the killer is in the room with the other characters.  You see things from the killer’s perspective, but it wasn’t really enough.  I ended up being grabbed more by the subplots than this one.  There’s a really interesting subplot that I expect to hear more about in the coming book(s).  Or at least, we had better learn more about it!

The characters are still really great.  I’ve read a few reviews where they said the characters were flat, but I didn’t think so.  We get to see a different side to Violet and Jay in this one, which I liked without it falling to a realm that I didn’t like.  Like, um…well, how do I say this?  They had a little drama, but it wasn’t a scene-stealer.  Their drama wasn’t meant to overshadow the rest of the story, and it didn’t. I very much appreciated that, when most YA books now seem to do the very opposite.  Relationship drama drives the story.  I don’t exactly think it should be that way, especially when there are like, demons and bad vampires in the story.  Sorry, but there are bigger concerns here than whether or not the hottie from your math class likes you.

Overall, I thought it was still a really good read, even though I didn’t like parts of it as much as I wanted to.  I still enjoyed the story and look forward to more.


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