Crash (Visions, #1)

First Lines: My sophomore psych teacher, Mr. Polselli, says knowledge is crucial to understanding the workings of the human brain, but I swear to dog, I don’t want any more knowledge about this.

This quick little barely-over-200-pages novel was something I grabbed somewhat impulsively at the library.  I wanted a 5th book (because I try to cap my library trips to 5 books), and this short book seemed like the perfect choice.  It had a different subject matter than the others ones I had grabbed.  So I took it.

Jules is kind of a social outcast in her high school, and not a small part of it being that she drives the family’s meatball truck to school every day.  (It has two meatballs on top, leading to numerous jokes, as you can imagine.)  But mysteriously, Jules begins having vision of a single crash.  Everywhere she looks, she can see a fiery crash that kills nine people.  She knows she has to do something to save lives, but it may be harder than she thought it would be.  Especially once she realizes that one of the dead is a boy she’s loved/had a crush on for years…Can she make him believe her, even though he has no reason to?

Right from the beginning, I wasn’t sure I would like it.  The narration jumped from being in the present to being highly in Jules’s manner of thinking and creating lists like “5 Reasons Why I May Be Crazy” (which I made us just as an example).  It kind of took me out of the story, and that bothered me, but I quickly got used to it.  It helped get Jules’s point of view through.

One thing that did bother me is something you can see in the opening lines.  That is not a typo.  She really says “I swear to dog” or some other way of not saying “God”.  Which was really bizarre.  Because there were a couple of times when she really did say God and I had no explanation for why it was suddenly ok.  But while she had a problem saying God, she had no problem dropping F-bombs.  That was a really weird moment when I realized that.

The action of the story was good too, especially because it moved quickly.  It’s only a 233 page book.  If you want to make the story go, you’ve gotta move fast.  I could have probably finished it in one sitting, but I didn’t because I started it at night.  Anyway, it’s a fast read and it’s pretty interesting.  You get pulled into Jules’s family drama, like how their pizzeria has a rivalry against another local pizzeria.  And her family has a bunch of problems that you can’t help but feel for her for.

It’s a pretty good read, and I’m excited about where the sequel might take this story.


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