Enchanted (Woodcutter Sisters, #1)

First Lines: My name is Sunday Woodcutter, and I am doomed to a happy life.

When looking for books in the library, I must consider three things: 1) Is this book on my to-read list? 2) How long has it been on my to-read list? and 3) Have I already grabbed a couple other books on this same subject?  (I’m picky.  I can’t have like, 3 vampire books in my hand and expect to not get sick of them by the end of the second book.)  I hadn’t read a fairy tale novel in a while, so this was a definite grab.

Sunday Woodcutter is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter.  Basically, what that means is that she’s overlooked because she’s the youngest in the family.  All of her sisters are also named after the days of the week, which Sunday doesn’t like.  So she writes to express herself.  And one day, she happens upon a frog in the Woods that wants to hear what she’s written.  Before she knows it, she’s friends with this friendly frog.  One night, she kisses the frog goodbye and leaves too quickly to realize that her love has changed the frog back into a man, or rather, a prince.  Prince Rumbold of Arilland, a man her family despises.  Intend on making Sunday fall in love with him as a man, Rumbold returns to the castle and begins constructing a plan.  But Sunday’s not easy to woo.  And why does she have such strong feelings for a man she barely knows?

So this story is a little bit of a lot of stories.  There are small references here and there to other stories, but they’re just entertaining rather than something that affects the story much.  And that was fine.  I liked that this book wasn’t completely based on the story of the Princess and the Frog.  It made it a little harder for me to pin down what I thought would happen at the end.

And Sunday is a pretty good heroine.  She’s thoughtful and loving, but she can be unreasonable and selfish.  (I think that last one may somewhat come from being the youngest in the family.  She’s babied by her dad.)  I’m not saying I want a perfect main character.  It’s just that some of the things she did didn’t sit well with me for whatever reason, maybe because I’m the oldest in my family and it’s hard for me to relate to her.

I wasn’t all that big a fan of Rumbold either.  Like, he was a good guy and all, but he was just kind of…boring.  There wasn’t much to him, for being a main character.  I thought he had more personality as a frog than as a man.

But there were other great characters.  Sunday’s sisters, especially Friday and Saturday, were great.  And the sequel is following Saturday, which should mean that the next book is far from boring.  Saturday isn’t the kind of girl to sit and wait for love to find her, and I’m really excited to see where that one goes.


One thought on “Enchanted (Woodcutter Sisters, #1)

  1. I had just starting reading this book a week ago. I’m glad I actually stumbled upon your review!
    I agree with you I think Rumbold is very boring. And I couldn’t relate to Sunday either.
    I’m still not done the book yet, I’m about halfway. I hope the story gets better though.

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