With All My Soul (Soul Screamers, #7)

First Lines: I used to hate the fact that my world is built on half-truths, held together with white lies.  My life is an illusion requiring constant effort to maintain.  I lie better than almost anyone I’ve ever met.

Hey guys!  Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I’m falling behind.  Besides being incredibly busy this week just because it’s a busy week (or really, a busy month), I just started summer classes.  So please be patient with me as I try to catch up.

*Series Spoilers Ahead.  This is the FINAL book in the series!*

Life as of late for Kaylee Cavanaugh is less than ideal.  Actually, it’s been pretty awful.  Her school has recently been voted the most dangerous of its size in the US.  And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  Kaylee vows to stop the war between her friends and the hellions of Avarice, Envy, and Vanity to protect them all.  But it’s harder than it looks.  Then Kaylee meets the hellion of Wrath and discovers she’s farther gone than she ever knew.  When one more person close to her has been taken, Kaylee finds she can’t save everyone unless she gives all that she has.  Will she be ready to pay the price?

I freaking love this series.  It’s a little bittersweet at this point, knowing that Kaylee’s story is over now.  I’ve followed every book and every novella since the beginning.  This is one of those rare times where I was actually all caught up before I got to this point in the series.  With random novellas coming out all the time, it’s so hard to do.

This was a great conclusion to the series.  It was adventurous (in plot, writing, and everything else in between), emotional, and clever.  I really appreciated how this story tackled everything.  As usual, I will mildly grumble that there were no scenes of Kaylee actually unleashing her banshee scream as she used to do in the first two or three books.  I really liked those scenes.

Anyway, this was a fitting conclusion to the series.  It showed all the characters we had grown to love and showed how they stepped up when they needed to.  I liked seeing not only Kaylee grow, but Sabine, Nash, Tod, Emma, and even Sophie.  Can I just call them all my BFFs and end it there?

I was really surprised with this story as well.  Part of the aforementioned adventure and cleverness really shocked me when I read.  (Which it’s kind of supposed to do, right?)  But it feels rare that stories, even at this point in the series, will take such daring chances.  And that perhaps made me love it more than I had before.

So really, it’s a stunning conclusion to a fantastic series.  I will miss Kaylee and her crew, though I do plan on rereading these books eventually.


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