The Goddess Hunt (Goddess Test, #1.5)

First Lines: Six months.  One hundred and eighty-four days.  That’s how long I had to stay away from Eden, where Henry, my brand-new husband, waited for me to return in September.

So this was a quick novella I read in the car on my way to vacation.  It’s also from one of my favorite series, so I was very much looking forward to reading this and getting more of Kate and Henry.

*Potential Series Spoilers, though this risk is fairly low*

It’s the beginning of Kate’s first summer on her own, and her first six months away from Henry.  And while she’s enjoying seeing the world, it would be better if the one by her side was Henry.  As she and James travel Greece, they find Castor and Pollux, the Gemini Twins.  Before Kate knows it, she’s in the middle of a millennium old feud between the twins and Walter and Henry.  She’s determined to help the twins, but can she stand in the way of Henry?

This was cute, I’ll give it that.  But it wasn’t overly exciting.  I guess I was looking more for the other adventures she went on, like the ones she vaguely hints at in the beginning of Goddess Interrupted.  And since this was the summer she spent away from Henry, there wasn’t very much of him in this either.  So that was a little…disappointing, even though I knew that was going to happen.

I did like the story of Castor and Pollux, though.  That was a Greek myth I really know nothing about.  So that was really cool to see, and kind of connect with those characters.

One other thing I was kind of disappointed about was how there was a lot of tension this book created between characters, yet it doesn’t show up at all in the next book.  Things that should definitely have impacted the next book don’t show up at all.  It made it feel slightly out of place, like it was written after the fact with little regard to how well it actually fit.

So it had some downsides, but it was still a Goddess Test novella, and I was thrilled to read it.


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