Immortal Eclipse

SMImmortal-Eclipse-Final_coverFirst Lines: At the next thump, I finger the handle of the Glock 19 under my pillow.  My heart thunders.  A girl living alone in New York must be careful, even in Upper East Side.

*A New Adult Novel.

Even though I still manage to post these every few days, I’m still falling behind in reviews.  Sigh.  Well, I was contacted by Sherry Soule to read this and be a part of her blog tour (which I was about a week ago).  With vacation, I didn’t get to read this until I came back.

Skylar Blackwell loves her job as a fashion photographer in New York.  At 22, she has the dream job…until she doesn’t anymore.  She’s discouraged and stressed; it hasn’t been that long since the last 2 remaining members of her family died.  She’s alone in the world.  All she can do now that she’s unemployed is check out the large estate her uncle left her in California in his will.  Skylar knows he was murdered, but the police seem to think otherwise.  Bizarre things keep happening at Summerwind, the estate.  Workers keep mysteriously dying with no explanation and Skylar needs to find out who is responsible before they strike again.  But things aren’t always what they seem…

I’m still trying to figure out what New Adult books are.  No matter what, they always seem like somewhat cheesy romance novels for college kids.  There’s other stuff too, but it’s mostly about the romance.  Which is disappointing, because they could do so much more.  And this fell into the same trap.

Skylar was a pretty strong female character, but she was obsessed with fashion, which I’m not.  She kept dropping names of shoes that I didn’t know and generally being the kind of girl I’m not.  She also sometimes came off as slightly annoying.

What I had more of a problem with was the minor characters.  They felt flat.  While they had a backstory, there wasn’t much else to them.  They weren’t in the story very long and if they were, they just didn’t feel like real people.

I also had a problem with the romance.  It was insta-lust, as Skylar herself even describes it as.  To me, that’s kind of a turn-off for the story’s romance.  I don’t see their feelings as being real and it hurts the story.

And the mystery wasn’t all it could have been.  It was pretty easy to guess who was responsible.  The ending wasn’t as climatic as it could have been.  The paranormal stuff didn’t seem like it was as developed as it could have been either.

But let me tell you, if you get scared easily, this may not be the book for you.  It was creepy, and I don’t get creeped out easily from books.  It was just shy of being one of those that would have made it hard for me to go to sleep alone in the dark.  Just shy.  It was really freaking freaky at times.

Overall, it was just an average book.  I wasn’t as drawn into it as I could have been, but it still had moments where it shined.


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