Something Witchy (Mystics & Mayhem, #1)

First Lines: My problems all started with a dead guy.  Okay, maybe that’s not fair.  I mean, I can’t really blame all my problems on one guy.  I only wish.

I received a copy of this from the author in return for a review.

What drew me to this book, first of all, was the snark that is so evidently oozing from it (as you can see from the first lines).  I love snark.  So this was going to be fun.

Ember Blaylock probably has never been your typical citizen of Moonlight, Missouri.  She constantly gets in trouble with a local cop with a grudge, for instance.  Really, all she wants to do is ignore the dead who try to speak to her and get rid of her stalker of an ex-boyfriend. But this is quickly turning into the worst day ever.  Because of a dead guy.  From the moment Nathan Ashley walked out of that car, life ceases to be the same for Ember.  One minute she’s talking to a really hot guy and the next, she’s kidnapped and developing powers.  Now there’s a demon after her, intent on killing her…can they stop him?

I want to start by saying that I was really into the book for the first four chapters or so.  I think everyone can relate to having a bad day, though maybe not quite to the extent of Ember’s bad day.  Just about everything that could go wrong does.  It’s almost impressive.  You quickly get introduced to her life at home, her friends, and school relatively quickly.  And it’s fun.

And then the kidnapping thing comes into play.

The story just about completely lost me at this point.  Nathan went from being a hot guy who happened to also be a dead guy to…not being hot at all anymore.  I’m actually quite bothered by him and the fact that so many other reviewers have found him sexy even after this point.  Because this kidnapping is the point where Nathan crosses a line and becomes emotionally and physically abusive to Ember.  He was incredibly possessive and demanding.  And no one thought this was weird.  When Ember started accepting this behavior as “good”, then I really had to draw the line.

Here’s an approximation of roughly 2 scenes I can think of:

Ember: I want you to leave right now.  I’m sick of this.  Take me home.

Nathan: You know you want me.  *Proceeds to walk slowly toward Ember, who tries to keep a harsh face*  *Gives in when Nathan kisses her*

I’m sorry, doesn’t this sound like a sickeningly abusive relationship?  This is only the tip of the iceberg here too.  There are some scenes I can’t mention without spoiling things.

So yeah.  I was quickly way over the love interest.  It probably didn’t help either that there were huge doses of insta-love with a splash of author-is-trying-too-hard-to-make-insta-love-feel-real.  (That’s not a joke either.  It seemed every encounter with Nathan was another two pages of the feels Ember was getting.)

And Ember’s snarky attitude started becoming a problem.  She was using her snark to hide her emotions to an extreme.  I was sick of the snark by the end, which I don’t think as ever happened before.  I liked that she was a strong character, and I can respect that she had a temper on her, but she really should have lightened up on the snark.

There also seemed to be few good characters in the book who didn’t hurt Ember.  Everyone from parents to Nathan to her friends at school seemed to hurt her.  There were only one or two I can think of that did, and that’s because they were only in those opening chapters.

This book also had a problem with “show, not tell”.  There was a lot of “Oh hey, by the way, I can see ghosts.”  Cool.  But we saw ghosts in the story all of two times?  And that was for about a total of five pages.  Not really worth making that a plot point.

And here’s where I admit that even after all of this, I still tried to find 20-40 minutes every day to read it.  I’m going to say this was because I viewed it as a train wreck, waiting to see just how bad it got.  Because by the end, I certainly wasn’t enjoying it.


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