Kiss of Fire (Imdalind, #1)

First Lines: Everything changed on my fifth birthday.  My parents were in the backyard hanging the “Happy Birthday Joclyn” banner that was surrounded by yellow and blue streamers.  The colors danced through the trees as the wind blew them around.

When I was approached about being a part of this blog tour, I largely agreed because this book looked awesome and I could review it.  So I waited until closer to my blog tour date to actually read it.

Joclyn hates the mark on her neck.  She’s been hiding it for over ten years, even hiding it from her best friend Ryland, who knows everything about her.  And that mark is the reason Joclyn’s being hunted, though she doesn’t know it.  There’s a tall blonde man following her, watching her.  Creepy.  But Joclyn’s also now able to throw her school bully ten feet across a room…which is not normal.  While trying to find answers, Joclyn slips up.  Ryland finds her mark, and he may be the only one who can explain it to her before it’s too late.

You guys know me.  I’m totally into this kind of thing.  So I was really excited when I started reading it.

About halfway through the book, I got sucked into it hardcore.  And I had class in the middle of that, which lead me to ask the question, “Is it possible to read this and walk to class at the same time without looking like a complete nerd?”  (My answer: no.  So I power walked to class instead.)

I really liked Joclyn and Ryland.  Joclyn is an unassuming heroine, who doesn’t want to be a hero. She just wants to live her life.  Those really are my favorite heroines.  And Ryland is so strong in his own quiet way.  Sure, he ruffles Joclyn’s feathers a few times, but he’s really a sweetheart who has her best interests at heart.  I would seriously love to see the story from Ryland’s perspective.

This story, for maybe 50-75% of the book, plays out like a mystery.  You can tell something is going on that Joclyn doesn’t know about.  There are constantly clues dropped, and you can start to put together the pieces, but it’s not enough.  And I freaking loved that.  I love looking for answers in books like that.

For the last quarter of the book or so, I think it lost some of its awesomeness.  It was still really good, don’t get me wrong, but it didn’t have the same…tempo and intrigue?…that it did earlier.  Either that or it has a lot to do with how I really didn’t want this particular ending to happen.  It could be that.

Overall, though, it’s an intriguing paranormal read with some pretty awesome and diverse characters who really bring the story full circle.


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