Dare You To (Pushing the Limits, #2)

First Lines: I’m not interested in second place.  Never have been.  Never will be.  It’s not the style of anyone who wants to play in the majors.  And because of my personal philosophy, this moment sucks.

When I saw this book on the library shelf last weekend, I knew I wasn’t leaving without it.  (It’s actually a problem when that strikes, because that happens when I see like, 6 different books I really want to read.)  But this was a slightly different kind of novel (read: not paranormal) like the others I checked out were.  So I was really excited to read this.

*Even though this is the 2nd in a series, it also works well as a stand-alone.*

If anyone ever found out about Beth Risk’s mom, they take Beth away and send her mother to jail.  When her uncle Scott appears out of nowhere and takes Beth away, it forces her to make a decision: her happiness or her mom’s freedom?  And it sucks, living with an uncle she barely knows and an aunt who hates her.  Oh, and did we mention going to an all new high school that thinks the worst of her?  In fact, there’s only one person who really even tries to get to know her…

Ryan Stone is the town baseball hero, who is so good he could probably go pro straight out of high school.  But he has secrets he can’t tell anyone.  He hides them, using crazy dares from his friends to forget them.  And the craziest of these dares?  Asking out Beth, the new Skater girl.  But what happens when getting to know each other stops being a dare and starts being real?  It may force Ryan to risk his image, his dreams, and maybe even his life to be with her…and maybe Beth will have to break down the walls she’s crafted over the years…

Katie McGarry is a genius.  A literary, YA genius.  While I’m no longer in high school (except in a teaching capacity), I can still remember being in Beth’s shoes or knowing guys like Ryan.  They’re real.  In fact, I know that I was Beth at one point, even into college.  I can’t say it enough that these characters come alive.

And not even just the main characters.  People like Lacy and Chris, Ryan’s best friends and one of Beth’s friends, are real too.  (I’m biased toward Lacy, but is that really unexpected?)

I feared for a while as I read that it was going to be too predictable, especially with the dare aspect.  I mean, it was very reminiscent of 10 Things I Hate About You or She’s All That (I think.  Been a while since I’ve seen that).  But thankfully, it diverged from the path I thought it would take.  That’s not to say that it’s not predictable at times.  It is.  You know what you’re getting when you pick this book up.

It’s a fun, exciting, and cute read.  I devoured this book, powering through it in a couple of days (and that’s saying something).


Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 8.14.00 AM

 That’s right: Katie McGarry approves!  Cloud. Nine.  (Also, if you’re having trouble reading it because it’s small, clicking on it will make it bigger.)

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