Elegy (Hereafter, #3)

First Lines: Death, demons, deranged Seers–nothing I’d previously experienced terrified me as much as what I was about to do.

I’m typically pretty hesitant about reading the last book in a series for a few reasons: A) they’re usually incredibly emotional, B) they’re usually addicting, and C) they’re either going to be really good or really infuriating.  But my desire to finish another series outweighed all this.  I did, however, make it the last of my libraries books to read.

*This is the FINAL book in the trilogy, so series spoilers are likely*

After everything that happened in New Orleans, Amelia just wants to spend the rest of her afterlife with her boyfriend, Joshua.  Of course, the dark side isn’t content with leaving Amelia alone.  They give her an ultimatum: give herself up or they’ll murder one person per week until she does.  As people begin dying, Amelia believes she may really have to join the dark side.  But then the forces of light give her another option: she can join them in their attempt to gather souls…but once she does, she has to give up her attempts to save her loved ones from the darkness, and she can’t see Joshua ever again.  Face with no good options, Amelia may have to create an option that she likes more…without more people dying in the process.

I’ll fully admit that I’ve never been this series’ biggest fan.  I enjoy it, absolutely, but nothing about it really sparked that “I HAVE TO READ THIS” reaction with me.  The most fascinating thing was how I viewed Amelia as a heroine who really didn’t want to be a heroine.  How often do you run across that?  (I’m actually planning on doing a post about this in the near future.)

I thought this was a good conclusion to the series.  It did a few things along the way that surprised me, but I never really got to a point where I felt like I couldn’t put it down.  I never really got sucked into it.

I did, however, really like seeing the characters develop more.  (That’s kind of my thing, after all.)  I definitely like Amelia, but I really liked seeing characters like Joshua and Jillian grow.  Jillian especially.  She’s a deeper character than you originally think.  And really, I most enjoyed seeing Ruth because she’s an awesome spunky grandma.  She doesn’t take crap from anyone, and that’s just fun to read.

Overall, I guess I’m just trying to say that there wasn’t anything overly spectacular about this book or series.  They’re all good (especially the 2nd book), but there wasn’t anything that made me sit up and take notice.  This probably won’t end up on my reread list. An interesting series, and cute, but not much is new.


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