Crash Into You (Pushing the Limits, #3)

First Lines: Eleven years, two months, seven days.  The last time I had physical contact with a blood relative.  The fingers of my left hand drum against the steering wheel and my right hand grips the stick shift.  The urge to shift into First, slam the gas and hightail it out of the dismal gray parking lot pulses through my veins.

When I saw this on the library shelf, I do believe the first thought going through my mind was, “MINE.”  And from there, it was in my hands before I really thought about it.  Because if anyone remembers, I fangirled hard over the last book.  Plus, I’m on a romance kick right now, so this was absolutely perfect.

*Even though this is the 3rd in a series, it works as a stand-alone.  But I highly recommend you also add the others to your to-read list.*

From the outside, Rachel Young’s life is perfect.  Straight A’s, comes from a rich family, goes to an elite private school, designer clothes.  But Rachel keeps secrets from her overbearing brothers and wealthy parents, and her secrets are getting harder to keep.  She’s racing her Mustang GT down back country roads, which she knows she shouldn’t be doing.  The other secret is Isaiah Walker, the tattooed foster kid Rachel has no business even talking to…yet she can’t get him out of her head.

Isaiah has secrets too.  Secrets about where he really lives and how he truly feels about Rachel.  Because no matter how angelic this rich girl looks, he does not want to get involved with a girl who decided to slum it.  But when their shared love of racing gets them both in over their heads, they’ll have to work together to get out.  Six weeks is all they have.  Six weeks to see how far they will go to protect each other.

I don’t think McGarry ever writes a bad character.  I really don’t.  Characters are always flawlessly written in ways that make them nearly impossible not to relate to.  When I started reading this book, the pages flew under my fingers as I was getting to know Rachel and Isaiah.  (And I really did have to get to know Isaiah, even though he was in the previous two books.  He’s not really like he’s presented in those books, at least in my opinion.)

Having said that, I didn’t connect with this book as much as I did to Dare You To.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the story for this to be the case.  I simply didn’t know anything about cars.  And that’s a huge part of the story.  It’s the first thing that draws Rachel and Isaiah together, and I just didn’t understand it.  I know so much more about baseball from Dare You To.  Plus, I just think I’m a little more like Beth than I am like Rachel.  Nothing wrong with that.  It was bound to happen eventually.

I really liked the story, especially when we were looking at Rachel’s life.  I understood her and why she did the things she did.  I’m older than Rachel and I still feel caged like that some days.  Everybody does.

There were some parts that didn’t seem to fit the story as well as I would have liked.  Some parts in the middle of the story ramped up the suspense and action for a chapter or two and then eased back down.  Which is fine, but for some reason it felt like it was pulling me out of the normal flow of the story.

And the ending…it wasn’t what I expected, but I think it tied everything up in a good way.  I didn’t really feel completely connected with Isaiah until that point.  He’s a hard guy to understand.

Overall, I thought it was still a fantastic read.  It was just a little harder for me to sink into because I felt I lacked the background knowledge (and interest) to understand cars.

Screenshot 2013-12-22 21.16.33

(My second tweet from the amazing Katie McGarry!)

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