Only In Dreams

First Lines: I look at the clock again.  I’m not sure what secrets I expect it to reveal.  I’ve looked at it at least one hundred times in the last hour.  3:46 AM.

I received a copy of this from the author/publisher in return for a review.

Ok, so I decided I wanted to read this because it looked kind of like a New Adult (NA) book, and I haven’t read too many of those.  I love reading YA, but sometimes, I just want to read about someone my age.

Paige thinks her life is finally on track.  She’s found the man of her dreams, and she’s planning on marrying him in just a couple of months.  But she’s overwhelmed with planning the wedding and her new fashion show.  When her fiance, Henry, suggests that she escaped the Big Apple and visit her best friend Emmie in Texas, Paige is thrilled with the idea.  But when she arrives, she comes face to face with Christian Bennett, her first love and the one who destroyed her heart.  Is she truly over Christian?  And if not, can she still marry Henry?

I had mixed feelings about this book.  While I’m not really a fan of love triangles, I admitted walked right into this one.  Really, I think I was just looking for a love story and I didn’t take that part into account.

I found myself through most of the story feeling annoyed.  I more or less liked Paige, but she wasn’t an outstanding character.  She was constantly flip-flopping on her decisions.  I was glad to see that she was strong enough to go after her incredibly high dreams, but it somehow didn’t translate to knowing what she wanted in terms of relationships.

As for the men, I had a definite favorite.  I thought Henry was a total sweetheart, and I liked Paige even less when I found her questioning whether she wanted to marry him.  And Christian, I did not like him for most of the story.  Paige would keep telling him to leave her alone because she was engaged and she knew what he wanted, but he still kept coming like, “Oh, engagements are nothing serious.”  It drove me crazy, especially since he was supposed to be a “changed man” now.  It didn’t seem like it to me.

I also noticed a distracting plot hole in the story.  One of the characters is a recovering alcoholic, and in one scene, they order a pitcher of beer.  Then, later in the story, they say they haven’t touched alcohol in ten months.  So…what then was that pitcher of beer, eh?  To me, that meant one of two things: the character was a liar or the author didn’t catch this serious breach in character.  Either way, I was disappointed in that.  (It sounds small, but I was already struggling to figure out this character at this point, and this definitely didn’t help.)

I will say that the ending had some redeeming qualities.  I saw part of it coming, but not the other part.  And it ended rather cutely.  I did cry in the final chapters, so I suppose it has that going for it.  I did find my feelings for some characters changing by the end, but unfortunately it was way too late for me to really change my opinion of them.  Some of that should have come through much earlier in the story.

Overall, it’s a fairly cute romance.  There are no graphic love-making scenes, but there is a fair amount of language in this story.  You’ve been warned.


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