Some Super-Awesome BIG NEWS!

Ok everyone, so I know some of you have seen recently that I’ve been hinting at some big news to come, right?  Right.  And now I can finally share it!

Starting very, VERY soon (Feb. 4), I am hosting a huge blowout of a giveaway!


Why the giveaway?  What purpose?

(Like I need a reason, really.)  But the reason I’m doing this giveaway is in honor of my third year as a blogger here on Belle of the Library.  That’s a freaking long time.  So in honor of that and as a thank you to some of the amazing authors I’ve worked with before, I asked some of them if they would be willing to donate something to the giveaway.

SIX have replied, willing to give away at least one of their books.

You. Guys.  This is going to be awesome.  The winner is going to walk away with at least four books, and hopefully I’ll have a place for a runner-up to win something too.

Are you as excited as I am?  Maybe not, but all the same, you should come back on Tuesday, when this giveaway opens, and enter!  The giveaway will run from February 4th through the 10th.  I will announce winners on February 11th.

This is so much fun!


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