Resisting Atlantis (Atlantis, #1)

First Lines: Branches reach for me like gnarly, wooden hands, grabbing at my hair and clothing.  Clinging to me.  Holding me back.  It’s a struggle to break free.

I was contacted by the author to read her new book and be a part of her blog tour for it.  So, yay!  Here it is, the kickoff to her tour!

When she asked me to read this book, I jumped at the opportunity.  There aren’t nearly enough books about Atlantis to sate my curiosity on the topic, nor my fascination with this mysterious island.

Cora is your average freshman in college.  At 18, her biggest concerns deal with the too-hot-to-handle neighbor of hers and not falling asleep in boring classes.  That is until Kaden shows up.  He insists that everything she knows about her life is false.  Her parents, her friends, her childhood memories are all false.  Even her name isn’t right.  She’s not Cora but Cameron.  And she’s not from New York, but from Atlantis.  Who would believe this guy?  But trouble starts to follow the two of them around.  Soon, Cam finds out that Kaden may be right; things aren’t exactly what they seem…

Alright.  So when I started this, I was immediately drawn in.  False memories?  Just a bit cooler than plain old amnesia.  And Kaden?  Sweetheart.  (Atlantis itself was pretty cool too.)

I thought that this was a pretty good story.  Cam was a good heroine for it and Kaden was the kind of hero that didn’t see himself as a hero.  I’m pretty drawn to those.  It’s a humble thing, I guess.  Also, the action of the story moved at a really consistent clip.  That meant there were times when it was really hard to put down.

However, I did start to have some issues with the book by the end.  First, Cam was pretty self-depricating in a way that started to rub me the wrong way.  Sometimes when people who reference who she was before her memories were changed, she’d say things like, “Yeah, I’m probably stupid enough to do that.”  To me, these things she said were “stupid” were actually strengths in her character.  It made me question Cam a little every time it came up.  What was so wrong with these qualities that it made her label herself as “stupid”?

Also, even though I really enjoyed Cam and Kaden together, they got incredibly annoying by the end.  Think of it this way.  Have you ever been out with another couple and they spend the whole evening saying cute things about each other?  At first, it’s adorable.  But four hours later, you’re ready for them to knock it off.  That was me with this book.  It was cute, absolutely, but almost sickeningly cute by the end.

Overall, I did think it was a good read.  Like I said, the action was good and I enjoyed the plot and characters.  There were just a few things along the way that just drove me crazy, though.


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