All That Glows

First Lines: The sickness hits even before I reach the outskirts of London.  A slow-burning nausea descends on my gut and claws through the intestines of my human form. I kneel by the side of the road and wrap my arms around my stomach.  The first wave is always the worst.

It’s really kind of cool how faeries are coming back into popularity.  It’s only been in the past 3-4 years that I’ve started paying attention to these trends and I can already see a shift happening.

As part of the Faery Guard, it is Emrys’s job to see that the British royal family is kept safe from supernatural threats.  For about 1000 years, this has been her duty.  But it’s gotten harder with the rise in technology, which makes Fae sick.  And this isn’t just any assignment for Emrys.  She’s sent to protect Prince Richard, the notorious party boy, whose careless ways and royal blood make him an easy target for darker fae.  When an old, ancient force begins preying on the royal family, it is up to Emrys to battle through the Fae Underground to find answers.  If she doesn’t, Richard will be lost…and so will Emrys’s heart.

Alright.  So as I said, faeries seem to be just starting to make something of a comeback.  And I’m kind of excited about that because variations are being made on the trend.  This book, for example, didn’t have the old and super overused Seelie/Unseelie court plot.  I mean, I enjoy it to an extend, but having something different definitely doesn’t hurt anything.  This still stays true to some of the traditional fae stories (Herne and the Hunt, for example, makes an appearance).  So I liked that it didn’t follow the typical background.

I also liked the idea of fae guarding the royal family.  It was a nice change of pace, rather than having fae trying to really just destroy the world for their own gain.  While Richard was somewhat stereotypical of how we expect royalty to act, Emrys was a good force for his life.

Even though I liked these things, there were still a lot of issues in the story.  There are times that Emrys does seem a little unreasonable or immature, especially given her age.  And there’s some insta-love to start our story off on a *lovely* note.  (I had someone in another review point out that some of the stuff Emrys does would be considered “stalking” if a man was doing it…and they weren’t wrong.)

What I had a bigger problem with was the ending.  It took an unusual and unexpected turn, at one point, which was nice.  I was a little confused and unsure of how the story would recover from it, but I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.  And then it had a pretty big (but not unexpected) twist that made me lose some respect for it.  I really just attribute that to this being a debut novel.  The author hasn’t learned yet how to craft a really good ending.  I’m willing to read more of her stuff to see if she grows.

Overall, I thought this was a decent read.  It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either.


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