Boundless (Unearthly, #3)

First Lines: The first thing I’m aware of is the dark.  Like somebody just shut off the lights.  I squint into the inky nothingness, straining to see something, anything, but my eyes don’t adjust.

Oh. My. Goodness.  I’m alive!  You really have no idea how surprised I am that I have time to post this.  Seriously.  My day consists of teaching, then coming home and spending 2 hours finishing up my student teaching stuff before my head explodes.  In honor of finishing (or nearly finishing) one of my projects, I thought I’d post this!

*Series Spoilers Ahead*

It’s been about two years since Clara discovered who–er…what–she really is.  Now, starting her freshman year of college, Clara finds herself feeling content with life, even though she’s dealing with a shocking loss.  Well, maybe not entirely content.  In order to protect Tucker from the evil that follows her like a shadow, Clara broke things off with Tucker and went to school out of state.  And the irresistible Christian Prescott followed her out there.  As if college wasn’t scary enough, Clara’s been having another vision that is terrifying her.  It doesn’t help that she’s discovered the fallen angel that attacked her watching her every move.  Clara must fulfill her destiny…but it won’t come without a price.

I must say, I’m really glad I’m now able to cross another series off my list.  I’m so bad about procrastinating those until I forget what happened in the book before it.  (Um…that may have been the case here…)

Fine.  I admit it.  It’s been so long since I read Hallowed that I forgot the finer details of what happened in it.  I remember the Clara’s vision and what actually happened, but that’s about it.  So that really affected my connection with the characters.  I didn’t feel as bonded with them as I know I have in previous books.

One thing this book did well was that it kept me on my toes.  It never stopped where I thought it would when I predicted the ending in my head.  I figured out some things ahead of reading it, sure, but there was always more to it than I anticipated.

I really enjoyed the snark, wit, and jokes in this book.  It always seems to crop up when Clara’s feeling tense, which is how I deal with tension too.  (Boy, do some people just not like that at all…)  It was never persistent wit, but it came up enough that I was usually smiling from it.

I did appreciate that even though this has religious themes behind it, it never came off as preachy.  I really love angel-related things, but the preaching I can’t stand.  I’m not a fan of people telling me what to do anyway, and I see preaching as an extension of that.  So I did like that, just as a note about the series.

Overall, I found this to be a pretty entertaining read.  The ending (like, the very very end) was incredibly predictable, but I generally liked this book.


One thought on “Boundless (Unearthly, #3)

  1. I’ve read the first two books in this series, but I haven’t got to the third yet. It’s been such a long time since those that I’ll definitely have to re-read them before touching this one. I do remember really enjoying those though, which is kind of rare. One thing I did like was the lack of ‘preaching’ in them, which was a concern before starting.

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