Sacrifice (Daughters of Lilith, #3)

First Lines: Color bled out of the sky, casting everything in the indigo glow of twilight.  It was a tranquil moment, perfectly balanced between day and night–a moment full of promise.

This is the third time Jennifer has worked with me and given me a copy of her books.  And I must say, I am so thankful that she’s continued to hook me up with this series.

*Potential Series Spoilers Ahead*

To Braedyn Murphy, it seems that Puerto Escondido will never be a safe place.  After her last horrifying run-in with the Lilitu, Braedyn is still trying to recover mentally and emotionally.  Now, a cult devoted to the Lilith has come town, lead by a charismatic woman with dangerous secrets.  When Braedyn’s friend Cassie gets mixed up in the cult, Braedyn realizes that she may not be able to keep her two worlds separate anymore.  And the Guard is not making things easy on her either.  From difficult practices to backstabbing, the Guard is not giving her any peace.  She turns to Lucas for that.  But they can only go so far before Braedyn will hurt him.  They begin to wonder…is now the right time for them to claim their one night?

After getting through two books in this series already, I liked to think I knew about how this story would go.  I was wrong.  There were so many unexpected twists and turns in the plot.  I was so surprised a couple of times.  And this story was just so full of character growth, interesting plot lines, and powerful scenes of love, sacrifice, and hatred.

Braedyn is a character I really like to follow because she’s so relatable.  Throughout this whole book, she’s dealing with extreme prejudice based on her heritage, which she has absolutely no control over.  She can’t change that.  She really can’t do anything about it but try to prove to those naysayers that she’s not the person they assume she is.  And I liked that.  I think everyone can relate to that in one way or another.

I like that we are at the point in the series where we can follow sub-plots that follow 4-5 other characters.  The story doesn’t revolve entirely around what is happening in Braedyn’s life, but what is happening in the lives of those around her.  It lets me get to know them in a deeper way.

When I started this book, I thought it was the last in a trilogy.  But based on that ending, I assume there’s more to the story.  (…Right?  You can’t leave me there!)  I didn’t realize it until I was about 4% from finishing the story.  There was no way it could have tied up all the loose ends in that amount of time.  That’s when I realized Braedyn’s story wasn’t over.

There is so much in this book that I want to share with you, but I can’t for spoiler purposes.  (And I want you to read the books!)  This book was really emotional at times, and I loved seeing what trouble the characters got themselves into.


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