Titan Magic

First Lines: Tonight, no matter what the voice said, Madeleine Lavoie would not listen to it, she would not sympathize with it and, most importantly, she would not obey it.

First, I want to say thank you to the author for getting me a copy of this to read.  I decided to read this one a few days ago when I finished my library books.  Good reason, right?  But I was also curious about this book, because I couldn’t quite pin down its genre.

Madeleine has always been hidden away from those not in her family.  She’s not bitter about it.  She’s a freak; she’s mute and she has auditory hallucinations that she has to obey.  No matter what.  But Madeleine is determined to find her voice in the world, and that may mean going to extreme lengths.  If she’s not careful, she may lose her life in the process.

So with a name like Titan Magic, one might think of Greek mythology, right?  I know I did.  But that would be wrong.  Very, very wrong.

I really didn’t know what to do with this story.  It was odd.  The plot is kind of all over the place.  One minute, it seems like a story about love, then it’s a power struggle, then it’s something else entirely.  I couldn’t pin it down.  It felt like a fantasy, but also like a historical fiction and yet not.  That actually really bothered me, that I couldn’t categorize it.

And yet I still kind of liked it in the beginning.  It was suspenseful.  It had some action.  And I loved trying to puzzle things out.  That was fun.  But the excitement started to fizzle as the story went on.  It was good in the beginning, meh in the middle, and blah by the end.  It just started getting too confusing.

Now, I want to say that I think the concept of this story is cool.  It had its ups, but the writing style (for me) brought some downs.

And I freely admit that some of my negativity comes from what’s been going on in the news lately.  While reading this book, I discovered the #yesallwomen trend and it just killed this book for me.  I couldn’t stand to read any more about Maddy, a girl who is forced to obey someone else no matter what.  I couldn’t do it, not when I was just reading so many real stories of girls who are silenced every day.  Maddy wasn’t the strong heroine I wanted her to be.  That’s not the book’s fault, but it does play into how I feel about the book.

So I can’t entirely blame the book.  And I know it.  I don’t blame the book for all of this.  If I hadn’t found that Twitter trend, I was on track to give it 3 roses.  But as it is, I can’t do it.


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