Gasp (Visions, #3)

*Beware, the First Lines include a spoiler from Book 2*

First Lines: It’s been a week since the shooting, and we’re back on the University of Chicago campus.

There is just something about this series that has me coming back every time.  So when I saw this on the shelf at the library for the new arrivals, I snatched it up.

*Potential Series Spoilers Ahead*

After having been through two tragedies already, Jules understands how important it is to pay careful attention to the visions.  She’s convinced that since the visions passed from her to Sawyer, Sawyer probably handed it on to someone else in the last tragedy.  But who?  And how can she convince them that their vision of a tragedy is real, not a hallucination or some manifestation of PTSD?  Will Jules and her friends be able to stop the next tragedy before it’s too late?

This book sealed the deal for me.  This series has my seal of approval.  I will willingly recommend this series to anyone looking for a good, exciting series and doesn’t mind a little paranormal spice.

These characters are real sweethearts.  I swear, I fell in love with each of them.  I would love to sit down and just have lunch with them sometime, and I can’t say that about a lot of characters.  See, these guys (and girls) are just so personable and honest.  (I’ll get to that more in a minute.)  Everything from Jules unending faith that she can make things right to Sawyer’s willingness to do whatever is needed, Trey’s unfailing humor and the combined support of Ben and Rowan.  It’s just really fantastic, because the relationships between them feel so read.

What’s even more incredible is that this book–heck, this series–feels minimalistic in some ways.  There aren’t any extra drama or frills in the story that don’t directly relate to Jules’s life or mission.  There’s no waxing poetically or moping when things don’t go right.  I really appreciated that.  It feels different from a lot of writing styles in that sense.

I think this book pulled out every emotion it could from me.  I thought it was exciting, cute, funny, honest, and heart-felt.  And awkward in the best way.  (I think that can be counted as being honest.)  You see, there’s this one scene that is probably one of the most awkward-honest scenes I have ever read.  In my 10 years of reading YA, I have never read a scene where this happened before (and I’ve read a lot).  I was giggling in the most inappropriate manner, but I was just struck by how honest it was.  (That appears to be my buzz word of the day here.)

The best part?  It wrapped up nicely.  This wasn’t one of those books where the series ended on a sour note, with the last book being the worst of them all.  In fact, I think this one is probably my favorite.  The loose ends were tied up and I was happy that I’d found this series by the time I finished it.

Overall, this is just a charming read.  I think so much good comes of it.


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