In Which I Gush About Buying Books and John Green

Hello, lovelies!  I know I don’t normally do this, but there are just some times I feel I need to share some things with you.  And I’m on cloud 9 right now with my books.

The Book Sale

See, one of the perks of being an English teacher is that I have a legitimate reason to scope out incredible sales and not feel bad in the least when I walk away with more books than I can carry.  That is quite literally how I spent my Sunday.

A friend of mine (also an English teacher) invited me to go with her to a big used book sale about two hours from my house.  And this thing was HUGE.  There were probably at least 1,000 YA books to choose from.  (And if you wanted the Twilight series, you were in luck; they had at least two dozen copies of each book.)  The best part was that since this was the last day of the sale, everything was half off.  The original price of everything was $2 maximum.  So with that discount, NO BOOK WAS MORE THAN $1.  I think it was about this point that I started singing, “Heaven.  I’m in heaven.”  (Ahem.  My Frank Sinatra side is coming out.)

It was epically awesome.  My friend and I spent 2.5 hours looking through all the books as thoroughly as we possibly could.  We eventually had to get a cart because between the two of us, we couldn’t carry all the books we’d chosen.  By the time we left, I had 27 books in my possession…all for a grand total of just less than $20.  You have no idea how much of a giddy six-year-old I was on the inside.

And these weren’t just like, old classic YA and children’s books.  Sure, I snagged copies of Johnny Tremain (1943) and The House of Dies Drear (1900) (which my 5th grade teacher read to my class).  I also got books like Wings of the Wicked (Angelfire, #2) as a hardback for $1, Catching Jordan, 13 Little Blue Envelopes, and The Half-Life of Planets.  Sorry, I’m fixated on this price thing.  Normally, I can never find deals this good!  I nearly screamed when I saw Catching Jordan.  It was in my hands faster than lightning strikes.  I’m pretty sure I started shaking with excitement.

A lot of the books I picked up are books I haven’t read in years or have never read but have heard about.  My goal for July is to try to get through them instead of getting library books because for the first time in a while, I’m really excited about the books I want to read.  My routine of going to the library and picking out what they have that’s on my to-read list has been getting a little stale.  A change is greatly appreciated.

John Green

If you missed it, John Green was on The Colbert Report last night, and it was hilarious.  (Here’s the link for the interview.)  I’m a fan of Colbert as well as Green, and this was just so awesome to see both of them together.  There were some really golden quotes to come out of it.  I’ve already seen on Twitter that @PenguinTeen is already making graphics for it, like this one.

Isn’t this so funny and true?  This is why I love YA.  We’re like our own little fan club.  The funny thing was, it wasn’t even Green who said this, but Colbert.

Other highlights from the interview include John talking about his time in Starbucks as he wrote The Fault in Our Stars, John describing how long it takes to write a book, and discussing if John is, in fact, a cult leader.  I giggled myself silly during this, and I wasn’t the only one.  Also from Twitter, Gayle Forman said she about spit her coffee out laughing at it.

That’s a wrap!  If I have any more awesome book news (personal like the book sale or bigger, like the John Green interview), I will be sure it share it!


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