Altered (Crewel World, #2)

First Lines: They abandoned Earth.  Men left their homes and their shops.  They deserted the streets to crack and scatter into the soil, renouncing dominion over the world and rejecting their own progress for the promise of the new and the next.

This was another case of “Geez, how long’s it been since I read the book before this?”  Sigh.  I really need to work on that.  Well, at any rate, I’m caught up now.

*Potential Spoilers Ahead*

Earth certainly wasn’t what Adelice expected it to be.  While most of it is in ruins, it’s far from deserted.  But it’s a dangerous place still.  Cormac Patton isn’t giving up on having Adelice, so he’s sent Remnants to hunt her.  It’s not easy for Adelice to trust anyone.  Secrets are as common as the ruins, all kept for different reasons.  Some secrets are meant to protect those they love, others can tear friends and families apart.  Torn between two brothers, Adelice has to figure out who–and what–she’s willing to fight for.

This wasn’t nearly as good as I was hoping it would be.  Like, not even close.  I was flat out bored with this book.  BORED.  As in this book nearly put me to sleep on three separate occasions, which is so unlike me.  While some people read right before they go to bed because it makes them tired, it makes me wired.  I can’t read right before bed or I can’t sleep.  But this book could’ve knocked me out in 10 minutes.  This was a legitimate issue.

And Adelice…she could barely make a decision to save her life.  Every single issue she faced was met with loads of indecision, panic, and finally making a decision (sometimes).  Other times, she just completely avoided the issue and the story let it go. What?

Perhaps the most frustrating of Adelice’s indecision was the love triangle.  My God.  It drove me batty.  I don’t really like love triangle anyway (unless the two boys happen to be named Will and Jem), so this felt like torture.  And while it was actually done somewhat respectfully of both boys’ feelings, it was, again, boring.  I didn’t really feel anything for anyone.

Really, the only redeeming thing about this book was the last 40 or so pages.  Finally, things started happening.  Hallelujah, right?  But 40 pages really doesn’t do much to counteract 340 other pages.

Overall, I shall sum this up in one word: Ugh.  It was a painful read, one that I almost didn’t finish anyway.  Characters aren’t sympathetic, the action was mostly nonexistent, and it was incredibly boring.  Unless you’re a fan of the series, I suggest skipping this.


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