Royally Lost

First Lines: Crown Prince Nikolai forced a print-worthy smile as he exited the antiquities museum.  The flash from a sea of cameras blinded him as onlookers called his name.

I am an absolute sucker for stories about princes and princesses in today’s world.  Partly, I blame Disney for this.  Partly, I blame my brothers because growing up, it was so not cool for me to be into princesses.  So that phase came later in my life.  And I’m currently living that phase.

The last thing Becca wants to be doing is traveling across Europe with her family as they pretend they all get along.  All her brother wants to do is hook up with European hotties while Becca just wants to go home.  Until she meets Nikolai, a mysterious and devastatingly handsome guy who makes Becca’s heart flutter.  But she doesn’t know that he’s a lot more than a normal European guy.  Nikolai is a prince, heir to the throne.  While it looks like he has everything he could ever want, he doesn’t.  Freedom is something he’s never had, so he decides to take it for himself by running away and going undercover around Europe.  Sparks fly as these two make their own adventures and try to dodge the royal guard.  But Becca’s vacation will be over soon.  What will happen to them after that?

Plot-wise, this reminds me a lot of The Prince and Me, which is a favorite movie of mine. I was very excited to read it for that reason.

And it’s a really fast read.  Great for the beach or just a day read at the lake.  It was easy for me to get lost in the pages and pretend I was traveling Europe with them.

Yes, the plot is slightly cliched.  We have the prince who desperately doesn’t want to be a prince, if only for a few days.  I knew more or less what was going to happen before I even touched the book.  But that’s part of the fun, isn’t it?  I wanted to fall in love with a prince.

I liked that there was a lot of history in the story.  I love history, and I just don’t know the history of some of these buildings in Europe.  (Not that we saw too many because Becca hates history.)  But it was still a lot of fun to learn a little bit about how interconnected European monarchies honestly are.

I mostly liked the characters.  Becca was sweet and clearly frustrated with her family.  That made her a bit of a brat in some situations, but she was mostly likable.  Nikolai was caring and smart, though he also came off as a bit bratty around his parents sometimes.

I really felt bad for the dads in this story.  There was a definite bias against them.  I don’t understand why.  I know this is from the perspective of teenagers, who stereotypically hate their parents, but it just kinda sucked for the dads.  They were virtually never shown in a good light, even in instances where readers could tell they were trying.  Otherwise, I thought the minor characters were great in the story, especially the siblings.

The main problem I had with the story was the timeline.  They’re in Europe for about a week in total.  The actions and emotions tied to that seem a bit too strong for a week.  But I guess if you’re going to believe the premise, you can believe the timeline.  Oh, but the timeline always gets me.  Every book.

Overall, it was more or less exactly what I expected from it.  It was cute and a bit funny and full of royalty.  I enjoyed it.


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