Sirensong (Faeriewalker, #3)

First Lines: I hate politics.  Too bad my father is a big-deal Fae politician, hoping to get bigger.

*Swish* Ah, does anyone else just love the sound of another series dunked and done?  I do!  While I sometimes miss the characters and the stories, I do enjoy knowing where they ended up.  So when the opportunity to finish this series presented itself, I jumped at it.

*Potential Series Spoilers Ahead*

If Dana thought that life in Avalon was getting easier, she was wrong.  She’s been summoned to Queen Titania’s court in Faerie.  Deciding to go is no easy thing.  Titania’s made it no secret she’d like to kill Dana, but she’s promised safe passage for this trip.  The decision gets a lot easier when Prince Henry implies that Dana could be arrested for conspiring with her Aunt Grace to overthrow Titania, something Dana never actually did.  The journey into Faerie is long and dangerous, but her friends are all close…if only Ethan and Keane wouldn’t constantly be at each other’s throats.  And this trip is hardly what anyone thought it would be.  An assassination attempt on Titania’s granddaughter makes Dana the prime suspect.  Now Dana must choose…will she run or will she try to prove her innocence?

I always get a kick out of Dana and her sarcasm, particularly when the Fae have absolutely no idea what to do with it.  It’s so much fun to read because Dana never has a dull–or serious–moment.

With this book, we finally get into Faerie, which was definitely cool.  I liked seeing how different Faerie was from our world, and how similar.  There are little surprises everywhere that were unique from other fae stories I’ve read.  Loved that.

It was really great the see the characters evolve in this story as well.  I liked seeing Dana make perhaps the most dangerous decisions she’s ever had to make.  But I really liked how the minor characters grew, particularly Dana’s dad and Ethan.  It was endearing.  And all our favorite minor characters had quite large parts in this story.  That was fun to see them all again.

I thought there were a good number of surprises and word play twists in this story.  Those are fantastic.  I love being surprised by paranormal stories because I feel like I read so many of them and they begin to lose their charm when they’re so repetitive.  But the ending to this definitely surprised me in a good way.

But the one thing that bothered me was how slow the beginning of the story was.  It was desperately slow, and the set-up felt like a huge info-dump.  I just kept waiting for us to finally get into Faerie, where the action picked up.  From time to time after that, it would slog again, but for much shorter periods of time.  Why this started happening in the last book of the series, I have no idea.  Normally, that’s found in books 1 or 2.

Overall, I thought it was full of action and sarcastic wit while still being heartfelt and a fitting ending to the series.


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