Chasers of the Light

imagesSo this is a little different from books I normally read.  As you probably noticed, I don’t have a first line for this…because it’s a book of poems.  I was approached by the publisher to read and review an ARC of this book by Tyler Knott Gregson and I quickly accepted, having seen a number of his poems surface on Pinterest.  And I was interested to see what was inside this little book.  (Sorry the cover picture is small and blurry.  If I find a better one, I’ll change it out.)

I really can’t do much of a summary here either.  These are poems that Gregson, a poet and photographer, wrote on his typewriter.  These poems are shown in their original glory in this book, on the receipts and book pages they were originally typed on.  It’s kind of an interesting concept.

I thought these poems were fantastic.  I kept finding it impossible to put them down.  Some of the poems are simple, five line deals that convey a single thought.  Some are longer and discuss an event or feeling at length.  But they were all interesting.  And not only were they a joy to read, they were fun to look at too.  Pictures of mountains, lakes, old receipts that you can sort of make out what they say…  They were an element of fun added to the poems.

All of the poems were quite good.  Gregson has a way of looking at the world that connects two usually unrelated items.  He twists things so the poems don’t always go the way the reader thinks they will.  For example, one of the poems talks about a man having blisters on his feet from dancing…with a ghost, a memory.  Which is a really cool statement and one that very clearly paints a picture.  It’s a lovely and startling twist.

Everything he wrote about just seemed to click into place in an unexpected pattern.  I can’t help repeating myself on this.  There really was something special about these poems.  I wrote down about five of them in my quote book because they were just that good.

And so many of them are terribly romantic.  Sure, others were about loss or the hope for a new love, but the romantic ones were my favorite.  They were tender and sweet and so many other things I can’t put into words.  Forget having a guy quote me Shakespeare or Neruda, find me a guy who can quote Gregson.  He’d have me hook, line, and sinker.


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