Out of Sync

outofsync kindleFirst Lines: Low grumbled emanated from the creatures circling me, grimly advertising their intent.  The sweltering desert heat clung to me like a second skin, causing beads of sweat to trickle into my eyes.

I was asked by the author to read and review this book.

When I first heard about this book, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into.  But the cover was gorgeous and it looked interesting.  So I went for it.

Bree is an absolute disaster of a witch.  She doesn’t have the same magical abilities as other students at her school.  In fact, she’s far more likely to blow something up than she is to have it do what she wants it to.  …And for some reason, elite covens are desperate to have her join them.  Bree doesn’t understand it, and can’t explain what she’s apparently doing right.  But when the coven trials turn potentially deadly, Bree begins wondering if there’s another reason why the covens want her.

I probably botched that.  Sorry.

The best way to describe this book is ok.  I mean, it was pretty much middle-of-the-road on a lot of things.  Characters were ok, but not great.  Action was ok, but not great.  The writing style was pretty good, especially when it got snarky.  That’s what kept me reading far longer than I would have otherwise.

The story itself seemed to need some work.  Characters weren’t acting like we were led to believe they would.  For example, Bree is supposed to be this social pariah because of her clumsy abilities, yet the most popular guy in school suddenly takes a mostly unexplained interest in her right at the beginning.  I didn’t understand it.

And the action seemed to have little continuity.  It was like a hodge-podge of events stitched together just because they all happened to happen to the same person.  The climax, for example, has absolutely nothing to do with the action and suspense of most of the book.  That seemed highly irregular and frustrating, because it didn’t really answer any questions.

I was also frustrated with the characters, who were catty and flipped from friend to foe in less time than it takes to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I mean, these were the people I tried to avoid in school and this book was just full of them.  Plot events came out of nowhere, questions weren’t answered, characters didn’t seem rational.  It was all a frustrating event.

I really wished I had liked it more.  I wanted to.  But the best thing about it was Bree’s voice and snark.


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