My True Love Gave To Me

No, this isn’t another update post.  🙂  It’s a Christmas novel!  For those of you who really want to get into the cutesy, Christmas mood, I think this is perfect for you.  And as an anthology, I’ll break down each story to give you a quick rundown.  But first, I’m going to talk about the collection as a whole.

Just as a heads up, before I forget, these stories are clearly meant for older YA readers.  Lots of language.  Now, carry on.

First of all, I thought it was really cute.  All of the stories together were sweet and funny.  Some were sadder, some were hilarious, some were fantastical.  It just depended on the story.

And I thought they were ordered in a really cool way.  I mean, while 85% of them were schmaltzy romances, there were a few that were very different.  And those were sprinkled in in good places to break the monotony.  (We’ll get to those in a minute.)  There were different genres and a lot of diversity in the characters.  The best part?  While I definitely know which ones I liked best, none of them were bad stories.  They were all interesting and entertaining.  I went into each one not knowing what to expect and coming out with a smile on my face.

So here’s the story breakdown! I want to avoid spoilers, so I’ll just say a few words about each story.

Midnights – Rainbow Rowell

A very typical Rainbow Rowell story.  And less Christmasy, more New Years-y.  It wasn’t the greatest story, but it wasn’t bad.

The Lady and the Fox – Kelly Link

Definitely one of the more fantastical stories.  It’s something of a ghost story, which definitely had my interest.  Having never read anything by Kelly Link, I was intrigued.

Angels in the Snow – Matt de la Pena

This was really cute and had great themes about social class and race.  The main character is a Latino college student who is spending Christmas away from his family when he meets a cute girl he likes.  I liked the way the romance built in this one.

Polaris is Where You’ll Find Me – Jenny Han

This was cute and another diverse story.  Natalie is a Korean girl who was adopted by Santa and lives at the North Pole.  So…like a female Buddy the Elf.  Actually, now that I think about it, that actually sums up the story really well.  It’s the female version of Elf.

It’s a Yuletide Miracle, Charlie Brown – Stephanie Perkins

One of the cuter/funnier ones.  Marigold doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but she still gets wrapped up in it all the same.  I was a fan of how this story unfolded.  It was just the right mix of strange (as in, the characters) and cute (the plot).

Your Temporary Santa – David Levithan

I think this was pretty much David Levithan to a T.  It’s a gay romance between two boys, but it was more about one of them trying to impress the other boy’s family more than it was a romance of any kind. It was nice.  Just not what I would normally read.

Krampuslauf – Holly Black

And this was Holly Black in spades.  It was fantastical and weird and yet still awesome.  It mixes Norse (I think) legend with New Years in a way that was super strange.  I kept reading it going, “What is this?”  But it all came together.  I really liked this one.

What the Hell Have You Done, Sophie Roth? – Gayle Forman

Oh, Gayle Forman.  This was one of the cutest stories of the bunch.  Sophie is a Jewish girl stuck on her college campus for a few more days after everyone’s left and she bumps into someone who seems to understand her better than everyone else.

Beer Buckets and Baby Jesus – Myra McEntire

This one definitely made me laugh with its comedy of errors.  Vaughn is a prankster who nearly ruined Christmas.  Think the Christmasy version of A Walk To Remember.

Welcome To Christmas, CA – Kiersten White

My favorite, but that isn’t surprising considering I’m a big fan of Kiersten White.  This had a slightly warped sense of humor while still being cute and romantic.  So, apparently, that’s my thing.  (What I mean by “warped” is that Maria lives in Christmas, California, and she takes it out on the Christmas memorabilia around the diner she works at.  Also, this story had a lot of heart.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Star of Bethlehem – Ally Carter

This was different, in a good way.  It was less about the romance and more about figuring out who you are.  It was funny and awkward and a huge mystery as to what was going on.  I’m not going to ruin the fun!

The Girl Who Woke the Dreamer – Laini Taylor

And this was the last super-fantastical one.  Taking place in its own world (where Christmas apparently still exists), Neve is a young girl alone in the world.  It was a strange story, but it eventually starts to fall into a pattern.  Or maybe that’s just me, since I haven’t read a whole lot of Laini Taylor’s writing.  I’m still trying to figure out her brand of fantasy!


2 thoughts on “My True Love Gave To Me

  1. I’ve ordered this and it still hasn’t arrived?! I’m glad you liked it and I can’t wait to read it… aaah so many great authors!

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