The Chaos of Stars

First Lines: When I was a little girl, I still believed I was part of the world’s secret magic.

Hey everyone!  Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  This week has probably won the title for the worst week of my life.  Between trying to wind down my first semester as a teacher and having one of my dogs die suddenly, it’s been a painful week.  I haven’t much felt like writing or reading.  And this is one I’ve been meaning to get up for a week or so.

I’m just going to copy Goodreads’ summary:

Isadora’s family is seriously screwed up—which comes with the territory when you’re the human daughter of the ancient Egyptian gods Isis and Osiris. Isadora is tired of living with crazy relatives who think she’s only worthy of a passing glance—so when she gets the chance to move to California with her brother, she jumps on it. But her new life comes with plenty of its own dramatic—and dangerous—complications . . . and Isadora quickly learns there’s no such thing as a clean break from family.

Blending Ally Carter’s humor and the romance of Cynthia Hand’s Unearthly, The Chaos of Stars takes readers on an unforgettable journey halfway across the world and back, and proves there’s no place like home.

I love Kiersten White’s writing style, how she brings so much humor into the story.  I’ve been drawn to her stories since I first read Paranormalcy.  I’ve read just about everything she’s published.

I was definitely interested in the story from a mythology standpoint.  While I fall more toward Greek mythology than anything else, I was really into the Ancient Egyptians as a kid.  I didn’t (and still don’t) know much about their mythology, but I was willing to see what White churned out.  It was entertaining and informative.  Isadora has these little blurbs at the beginning of every chapter where she gives a brief account of something that happened in Egyptian mythology (or, to her, “family history”) and she always had a snarky little remark at the ending of it.

I’ve heard other reviewers complain about Isadora, saying she was unlikeable.  That was part of the reason I waited so long to read this.  But I never saw that.  I liked Isadora.  She was somewhat irritable and quick to anger, but in her family?  I totally understood it.  Her family isn’t easy to get along with.  She’s been hardened over the years and she built a lot of defenses.  Throughout the story, she was just trying to come to terms with so much.  It made sense to me that she would be whiny and irritable with everything that was going on.

I really liked Isadora’s friends, Tyler and Ry.  Definitely Ry.  I saw his storyline coming from very early on, but I loved it.  Her friends were total sweethearts and they made the story even funnier.

There were two things that did start to wear on me after a while.  First of all, Isadora’s whining does get old near the end of the book.  What started off as cute and/or understandable in the beginning just got irritating by the end.  I understood it, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t rolling my eyes by the end.  Secondly, the ending was a bit…convenient.  It felt like the story was trying to be wrapped up quickly rather than things playing out naturally.  There’s a nice twist at the end, but this just wasn’t what I was expecting from a Kiersten White novel.  Normally she writes explosive endings.  This wasn’t it.

Overall, it was a cute read and a great introduction to Egyptian mythology.

One thought on “The Chaos of Stars

  1. This is next on the list of books I’ll be getting from my library. I loved Paranormalcy but I haven’t read any of her other stuff.
    Good review! I excited to see what I think of it. I hope your week gets better!

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