Awaken (Abandon Trilogy, #3)

First Lines: In school they told us to follow the rules.  Don’t talk to strangers.  Safety first, they said.  Walk, don’t run–unless it’s from a stranger, of course.

I am so bad about finishing off series.  I don’t know why, but it seems to take me years to finally read it.  According to my records, it’s been over 2 years since I last read the previous book in this series.  Oh, the joy of trying to remember everything when you dive right back in.

*Potential Series Spoilers Ahead*

Death has Pierce in his clutches, and Pierce doesn’t want him to ever let her go.  Pierce is happy with John, even if it means spending eternity in the Underworld with him, a place she’s always feared.  Still, the sacrifice seems worth it.  But now everything Pierce holds dear is at risk when the Furies discover that John has broken a sacred rule: he’s brought someone back from the dead.  If the balance between life and death isn’t fixed–and soon–then the world as Pierce knows it will change forever.  But there’s only one way to fix it…someone has to die.

First of all, as many of you are already very aware, I am a huge fan of Greek mythology, especially the myth of Persephone and Hades.  There’s just something about it that captures my imagination.  While I was happy with the previous books in the series for modernizing the myth, this one took the cake for being the closest to the original myth.  And it even incorporated more Greek myths!  I was a happy nerd.

I could tell quite clearly early on the book, though, that I wasn’t going to be able to drop right into the story.  I’d forgotten too much.  I was lucky to remember what I did based on my notes.  I even thought about putting it down, calling it a bust because I just didn’t know what was going on.

But I stuck with it, just for a few more chapters.  And that turned into the whole book.

There just got to a certain point in the story where the action picked up and it got really exciting.  That was great for helping me feel like I was part of the story.  I liked Pierce and John.  They were definitely what kept me reading the story, though I think I liked them more in the earlier books.  But that’s pretty typical of me.  I like the beginnings of series more than I like endings.

I thought some things resolved themselves too easily in the story too.  Not everything was wrapped up in a pretty little bow, but it sure felt like a lot of things at least came with a sticker.

The book was really funny too.  I wasn’t expecting that.  Usually, the later into a series you get, the more serious it gets.  But there were so many points in this book that showcased characters’ humor and simply put them in horribly awkward situations that made me giggle.  (I’m a giggler when things get awkward.  As long as the awkward things aren’t happening to me.)  So funny.

Overall, I thought it was an exciting modern twist on the Greek myth I love so much, but it’s just been too long since I read the previous books to fully enjoy it.  If I had, maybe I would have been more into the story.

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