My Blog Turns FOUR Today!


Seriously, I mean, this takes dedication, right?  You spend 4 years in high school, 4 years in college…presidents get a 4 year term…ok, maybe I’m stretching things a little.  But seriously, four years is a long time to do anything.

Four is the best!  😀  Perhaps in more ways than one!

Four is not amused with my shenanigans.  (This is why my students think I’m lame, but I just cracked myself up.  This is the funniest joke I’ve made all day.  I mean really, how could I pass up that joke?)

Composure, Holly, composure.  *centers herself*  Ok, I think I’m better, though I just referred to myself in the third person, so maybe not.

Anyway, I’m SUPER EXCITED that I’ve been able to do this for four years.  You guys are awesome.  I mean, I would feel pretty dumb if I was just writing up these reviews with no one to read them.  So THANK YOU to all my readers who have made this experience so much fun!  You ROCK!

It truly is amazing that I get to look forward to blogging the way I do.  What started as an expression of my “insane” reading habits during my sophomore year of college has snowballed into a pretty awesome blog, if I do say so myself.  I may not have thousands of readers a day, and I may not be raking in the ARCs, but I still have fun with this.  And that’s all that matters.

I’m going to put on my Dumbledore hat for a moment here.

I frequently get asked about how to get more readers, how to spruce up a blog so it looks nicer, how to write to gain more readers.  And the only advice I can give you is this: be yourself.  I feel like my writing style is unique and at least somewhat funny, which gains me a following that respects me.  And blog design just takes time.  I think it was about a year ago I finally settled on this design, which means there were 3 years of really ugly ones.  (Some of them really were hideous, as I experimented with colors and layouts.)  But finding something that YOU like is all that matters.  Trying to please others over and over is just going to lead to your unhappiness, and it’s going to make it difficult for you to shine through in your blog.

There.  That’s my advice, from an old blogger to the new.

Dumbledore out.  (But Holly’s still here.)

EEEEE!  I’m still so excited about this!  *Claps hands madly*  Here’s to another year of blogging!  We’re going to have so many adventures, my friends!

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