Mortal Gods (Goddess War, #2)

First Lines: The god of war stood still as a statue, waiting for Aphrodite as he waited for prey, for foes, for anything with veins to cut.

Oh Greek mythology…shall I could the ways that you intrigue me?  Shall I perhaps write an ode?  I’ll call it “Ode to a Grecian myth.”  🙂  Zeus almighty, I’m such a nerd.  And I’m still not stopping!  Ok, ok, I know you’re here for the review, not my corny English jokes.

*Potential Series Spoilers Ahead*

Ares, God of war, is leading one side of the war between the Greek gods.  Which Athena is cool with because she’s never liked Ares and hey, all the better if he goes down with the losing side.  Then Athena and Hermes can spend what remains of their lives in peace.  Cassandra is a weapon in this war, a girl who can kill the gods.  With the love of her life dead, Cassandra is also determined to kill Aphrodite at any price.  The alliance between Athena and Cassandra is tenuous at best.  But they must find a way to work together or the war is already lost…

First of all, I just want to say that I maybe sorta don’t remember the previous book as well as I thought I did.  I made notes and there are a couple of scenes I still have the mental images of in my head, but apparently that wasn’t enough.  And there were some things I really wished I remembered.

I truly love the premise of this, as a modern retelling of The Odyssey with actual, living Greek gods.  It’s just awesome.  And it gives the characters so many more layers.  Like how Cassandra is Cassandra now, but she’s also at least partially the Cassandra she was back in Troy.  It does a lot to show who they were and who they’ve become.

Speaking of characters, I’d just like to insert that I have a soft spot for Odysseus, who is given the adorable nickname of Ody in this.  Ody.  Can you imagine this powerful warrior who sacked Troy being called Ody?  I’m suddenly picturing him as a yellow, slobbering dog.  (Which makes Athena Garfield?)

Cassandra this time around seemed…off.  I’m not sure how much of that was intentional and how much of it was what I was missing from the previous book.  For example, her grief seemed excessive in this book.  And I can’t tell if I’m forgetting something or if that’s part of her character being off.  I struggled to understand her because of this.

I did like that this story seemed to focus more on the characters’ struggles than on the war (though that it obviously still a big part of the story).  These characters are just so rich in personality, and I love seeing that come out.  But there was still a lot of action and Odyssey-style adventures.

The story is told through multiple perspectives, though mostly Athena and Cassandra.  Other characters stepped in from time to time to share their part of the story.  I think this helped and hurt the story.  I liked seeing the different sides of the story, especially when everyone seemed to be off doing their own thing to help the war effort.  But it also started to seem like 3 or 4 different books that happened to have a common thread.  It started to feel a little disjointed to me.

I thought this was a pretty good book.  Great characters, an interesting plot, and some awesome action.  I just wish I remembered more of the previous book!

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