Every Other Day

First Lines: The decisions to make hellhounds an endangered species was beyond asinine, but I expected nothing less from a government that had bankrolled not one, but two, endowed chairs in preternatural biology (one of them my father’s) at the University That Shall Not Be Named.

I have been meaning to read this for a long time.  It’s one of those books that somehow kept cropping up to catch my attention every few months.  I just never had it in my hands.

Every other day, Kali is a normal teenage girl.  She goes to high school and fights with her father.  But every day in between…she’s something different.  Something not quite human.  Though she always looks the same, Kali turns into a dangerous demon-hunter with an insatiable need to hunt, trap, and kill supernatural creatures.  Kali doesn’t know why she’s this way, but she gives in to the instinct every time.  Even though the government considers her hunting a form of terrorism.  When Kali notices a weird mark on a popular girl at school, she realizes the girl has been marked for death.  And Kali may be the only one who can help her…except it’s the wrong 24 hours.  She’ll have to help the girl as a human.  With the help of a few friends, Kali will push her body farther than she ever has…and she may just learn a few secrets along the way.

First of all, I want to say that I spent years thinking this was a werewolf book.  It’s not.  I won’t say what Kali is, but she’s not a werewolf.  FYI.

Kali is an interesting creature, both supernaturally and in personality.  I mean, the supernatural aspect of her is definitely a creative story element.  But her personality was cool too.  She’s like a walking contradiction.  She wants to be alone, but she’s lonely.  She doesn’t want friends, but she’s immediately loyal to them.  And, obviously, she’s human and then…not.

Oh, and there were so many cool mythical creatures in this!  I haven’t seen this many mythical creatures in one place since Harry Potter!  (And a few of them overlaaaaap.)

I really had no idea where the story was going.  It was constant plot twists and things not quite ending where I thought they would.  I liked that it kept me guessing.  I got close, and then the story dove in an unexpected way.

The character humor was cute, too.  Kali, though she does tend to be a loner, does have a sense of humor when pushed.  But it was really her friend Skylar that brought the comedic relief.  I heart Skylar.

Definitely a cool supernatural story.  I was constantly hurrying back to the book to continue reading.

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