Insurgent (Movie)

One choice can destroy you

I saw this over Spring Break with my mom (who read the book ages ago and didn’t remember much about it) and one of my brothers (who had never read it).  I’m hoping I can use this review to reflect their feelings about this movie as well as my own.

Every choice has consequences, and no one knows that better than Tris.  She constantly fights to protect her family and friends, regardless of the costs…and those costs are quickly adding up.  Jeanine isn’t going to let Tris go without a fight.  In times of war, everyone must pick a side.  But with war also comes deadly consequences…

My reactions:

Even though it’s been a few years, I remembered a fair bit about the plot of the book.  So I knew pretty quickly that the movie changed/cut out a lot.  But it really didn’t bother me much because I thought it still told an entertaining story.  It just wasn’t quite the original, though it stayed true to Tris, the others, and the city.

There was a bit too much violence for my taste, particularly with the loud gun blasts from the amped up theater speakers.  (The sounds of guns that loud makes me anxious.)  But I still thought it was true to the story.  Oh, side note, the action-to-romance ratio is something like 10:1.  For every 10 scenes of guns and fights, there is one cutesy scene.

I was glad to see some of the minor characters either play a larger role or show up for the first time. For as much as I hated him in the book, I freaking love Miles Teller’s portrayal of Peter.  He’s a complete enigma.  And this also brought in characters like Uriah and Naomi, who were both super compelling given their limited screen time.

But ever since Shailene Woodley shot to fame, I feel like I’m playing “One Degree of Shailene” in this movie.  Like “Oh, there’s Ansel Elgort, who played Augustus to her Hazel Grace in TFIOS.  Oh, there’s Miles Teller who played Sutter to her Aimee in The Spectacular Now.”  Seriously, I had a hard time getting pictures of her kissing those boys out of my head to remember she was with Four.

Still, I rather enjoyed the movie.  Though looking back, it’s probably not going to be one I decide to pop in while I’m alone on the weekends.

My mom and brother’s reaction:

They were bored.  The storyline was repetitive to them and it never really got exciting.  I think one of them nearly fell asleep in the movie.  I guess maybe I spent the whole time replaying the book in my head and just anticipating what would come next?  And they didn’t/couldn’t.  It got old fast.

So there you have it.  Two people who didn’t know/remember Insurgent as a book were bored with the movie, but I enjoyed it at the time.  It wasn’t the best YA adaptation ever, and Divergent was better, but I didn’t think it was awful.


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