Fragile Spirits (Souls, #2)

First Lines: “Do you know the answer, Mr. Blackwell?” Ms. Mueller tapped her pencil on the grade book laid open on her podium.  I didn’t know the answer.  I hadn’t even heard the question.

I read the first book in this series nearly 3 years ago and let me tell you, that was one that I remembered more about than I ever expected.  Lucky me.  I hate having that much time go by between reading books in a series, even though I do it all the time.  I need to work on that.

*Potential Light Series Spoilers Ahead*

Paul has always know it’s his fate to be a Protector.  It’s his job to protect the Speaker–someone who can see and speak to ghosts.  He’s always accepted his fate and looked forward to it.  Until he finally gets his assigned Speaker, Vivienne.  Vivienne is the opposite of Paul: she hates that she’s a Speaker, she breaks all the rules, and she wants to stand out in a crowd.  And Paul has little choice but to go along with whatever Vivienne does.  But their dynamic changes once they start meeting trouble.  A kidnapping, powerful secrets, and a dangerous Malevolent spirit may just show Vivienne and Paul that they aren’t so different after all.

For those of you who have read the first book, this seems to take place maybe a month or two after Shattered Souls.  It is told from a different perspective (Paul’s, instead of Lenzi’s), but Lenzi and Alden are still main characters in this book.  So it’s probably a good idea to read the first book before trying this one, though it may not be strictly necessary.

I love the concept of this story.  It’s a unique way to tell a ghost story.  Most good ghost stories have some sort of “Speaker” role, but they usually don’t have a Protector.  And there’s so much other stuff that so cool!  Possessions, conspiracies, and bureaucratic maneuvering to make everything work.  Secret organizations!  But really, it’s the possessions that make this really cool.  That’s how the ghosts move on…sort of.  I’ll leave you to find out the specifics.

And this plot really moved.  It flew under my fingers.  I was up late reading this without realizing what time it was because I kept wanting to know what happened next.  There were a few twists and things to throw you off track of how the plot was going to go.  It made it that much more exciting.

The characters are super interesting.  Both Paul and Vivienne have deep secrets and things in their backgrounds that they need to work through.  (Character development!)  And they are strangely similar, given their major differences.  I mean, she’s a goth girl with hot pink hair and he’s a rule follower to the extreme.  They shouldn’t work, but they do.  And it’s beautiful.

Sometimes the writing does get a little vague.  I wasn’t always sure what was happening.  For example, instead of coming right out and saying something was happening, it was like I was expected to know that’s what happened based off of a character’s suggestion.  I mean, if I say to my friend, “We should watch this movie!” it doesn’t mean we do.  So I lost the thread of the story once or twice when I really needed to know what was going on.

But this end of this is so entertaining!  I was thrown so off-kilter for it and I loved it.  It was amusing and fun to read, even though it was so tense. Definitely one of the best endings I’ve read in a while.

A different kind of ghost story, one with lots of action and tons of fun twists.

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