Breaking Point (Article 5, #2)

First Lines: The Wayland Inn was behind the slums, on the west end of Knoxville.  It was a place that had festered since the War, buzzing with flies that bred in the clogged sewers, stinking of dirty river water brought in on the afternoon breeze.  A place that attracted people who thrived in the shadows.  People you had to seek to find.

I am slowly but surely trying to make it through all these dystopian series I haven’t quite finished yet.  This was one of those.  (It’s really starting to seem like the only series I ever have waiting in the wings are dystopians.)  But this was an easy choice to read, since I loved the first book.

*Potential Series Spoilers Ahead*

After faking their deaths in a prison break, Ember and Chase have no choice now but to lay low and hope the soldiers forget about them.  Their new celebrity status makes them great recruits for the Resistance, an underground organization attempting to overthrow the government.  But right now, the whole country is watching the mysterious Sniper who is methodically killing soldiers with well-aimed bullets.  Rumors are flying about the Sniper’s identity…until the government posts is Most Wanted list and Ember is their number one suspect.  Orders are shoot to kill, no evidence necessary.  Now Ember can’t set foot on the streets for fear of being recognized and “laying low” is not even an option.  Even members of the Resistance are starting to get suspicious.  With Chase at her side, Ember must decide: go into hiding or fight back?

I guess my expectations of this were based largely on the previous book, which was just action-packed moment after action-packed moment with a few moments of sweetness sprinkled in along the way.  This was paced a lot slower than that, and I wasn’t as into it as I’d wanted to be.

But what it did have was a lot of interesting characters.  Some of them were obviously main characters from the last book, but some were ones we’d only briefly met in the previous book but got to know better here.  And I liked that.

I still really like Ember and Chase, as a unit and individually.  As a unit, I think they’re a rare pairing that truly does complement the other.  Where Chase is strong, quick on his feet, and logical, Ember is more impulsive and emotional.  Her strength comes from her bravery and strong will rather than muscles.  They hold each other together.  That’s beautiful.  And individually, they’re sympathetic and real.  I find myself in their shoes every time I read about them.

There was also quite a bit of action, but not always in the battle/fighting kind of way.  (Though that was there too.)  Some of it was from drama.  Things like betrayal, not knowing who to trust, and character misunderstandings.  That definitely kept things lively.

Generally speaking, I’m looking forward to reading the next book.  I think it’s going to be a grand adventure to close out this series.  Hopefully with a little more action than this one had.


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