Some Kind of Normal

First Lines: I used the be the guy who had it all.  I had the girlfriend most guys drooled over–easy on the eyes, curves in all the right places, and always up for a good time.

I’ve set myself up for this, friends: I’ve been reading so many books lately to kick off summer that I’ve fallen behind on reviews!  Hopefully soon I’ll be all caught up again.  I snagged this off the “new books” shelf at the library.  I remembered the first book being interesting, so I wanted to try this one.  (FYI, it’s a companion novel to last year’s Boys Like You, but it not necessary to read that before you read this.)

“Normal” used to be a given for Trevor.  “Normal” was playing guitar with his friends, flirting with cute girls, and catching passes in football.  But that all changed the moment a bad car crash sent him into a coma for months.  Now, normal means trying to graduate with the help of stuck-up Everly Jenkins–the pastor’s daughter.  For Everly, “normal” was a time when her family didn’t pretend to be perfect while the hairline cracks became fault lines.  But normal is a lie in her house.  Hiding a life-changing secret, Everly turns to Trevor, even though this notorious flirt might ruin everything.

I guess I’ll start by saying that I got from this exactly what I was expecting, but with a few nice surprises thrown in.  It’s pretty much your standard “boy and girl hate each other…or do they?” story.  But just because I knew what I was getting into doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it.

Everly and Trevor felt like very real characters.  They’re both struggling with things they really shouldn’t have to; Trevor’s accident could have easily been avoided and Everly’s handling someone else’s secrets.  It’s sad what they have to go through, but that’s life.

Oh, and Everly’s character felt unique to me.  She wasn’t your stereotypical strong heroine, though she’s definitely tough.  Everly cries all the time; it’s just who she is.  I really appreciated that crying did not equal weakness here, as it frequently does elsewhere.

The narration flips every chapter between Trevor and Everly.  It was nice, getting both sides of the story.  They’re two very different characters, but their parallels are undeniable through this narration.  And the funniest part is that they don’t see it at all.

Overall, it’s a cute story that deals with some really heavy topics.  It’s not a sunshine-and-unicorns romance, but it’s still worth your time.


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