Shadows in the Silence (Angelfire, #3)

First Lines: The demonic had tried to break me over and over again, but even with my dress drenched in Will’s blood, I stayed standing.

I’d been meaning for a while to get to this series again.  I’m horrible about finishing off series.  I’ll start them any day, but following through?  Eh…  Still, I swooned hard for this series in the first book, so I knew I had to read this.

*Potential Series Spoilers Ahead*

For Ellie, it’s not even a choice: she has to save Will.  Wounded by one of the demonic’s worst weapons, Ellie may be Will’s only chance at survival.  But to do that, she will have to team up with an unlikely “friend” to get what she needs.  As if that wasn’t enough, demons are gathering for the End of Days.  Humanity will suffer horrifically if Ellie and her friends can’t stop them in time.  But to fight, Ellie will have to shed her humanity and become the archangel Gabriel.  Can she hold on to what matters most, even when she’s no longer human?

I am not making this up: the moment I finished this book, I hugged it tight to my chest, grabbed the necessary tissues, and began planning which scenes I wanted to reread.  It was that good.  I still can’t put into words the feels I had.

One minor setback that I had was that I didn’t remember much of the 2nd book.  So some of the new main characters (and at least one of the baddies) I didn’t remember…at all.  So…that wasn’t great.  Especially since this book picks up right where the 2nd left off.  But I handled it, I got to know them again, and everything was cool.

Oh my God, Ellie and Will, though.  There’s something unique and special about them.  I wish I could dissect their relationship and pinpoint exactly what it is about them that makes me swoon like a 1700s debutante.  But I can’t.  Still, every scene they’re in together is like magic.  I don’t say this very often, but I truly love these characters.  Like I physically miss them right now.  (If this isn’t a sign that I’m a crazy reader, I don’t know what is.)  Those scenes I previously mentioned I reread?  Yeah, they were all the cute scenes between Ellie and Will.  If I could find my own Will, I’d never want for anything else in my life.

I thought the plot was interesting and always moving, which is good since this book is nearly 500 pages.  I would’ve been surprised if it didn’t move, considering there’s a war going on and this is the last book in the series.  But not everything was about the war.  Some parts had little or nothing to do with that and all to do with Ellie’s life.

That ending.  I broke into a million little pieces.  When I reread it only like, 2 hours later, I cried again.  Moulton is a master, my friends.  Because not only did I break into pieces, but she also helped me slowly knit those pieces back together.

If you’re like me and have put off reading this book, what are you waiting for?  If you’ve read this review but haven’t read any of the books yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!  (I uh…I’m kind of passionate about this series.)

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